Realme announces the official debut in Europe!


The CEO of Realme, Madhav Sheth was interviewed by the team of GSMArena and, between one question and another, they talked about the company's expansion plan. Born as a simple sub-brand of OPPO, Realme has succeeded in poco time to win the sympathy of the Indian community. This was possible thanks to the launch of models with more than valid features at a cheaper price than the competition. And after the success in India and the subsequent one landing in China, the company is preparing to debut also in Europe.

After OPPO, Realme is also preparing to debut on the market in Europe

The news came in the interview in question, in relation to the possible production of 5G smartphones. To the question "Next year could we see an 5G model?"The answer was the following:"You never know, the market is too dynamic. And as we are expanding to different markets like Europe and USA, we know that the 5G is one of the most important features for us".

At that point the interviewer pressed Madhav Sheth, asking for more information about it. And fortunately for us Europeans, Redmi's debut in the old continent will soon be happening. "We are planning to go to Europe very quickly, before the end of the middle of the year". This means that, barring unforeseen circumstances, the Realme brand will arrive in Europe towards June 2019. And as expected, the strategy will be low-cost and without intermediaries, with the online sale of their smartphones to keep prices down.

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