OnePlus 7 may have the mini-jack, according to this protective cover

OnePlus 7

Since the launch of OP6, the Chinese manufacturer said goodbye to the mini-jack entrance in favor of USB Type-C and wireless headphones. Things are done slightly more sour with the next flagship, even if it seems that today the situation has stabilized. In short, perhaps users have learned to appreciate the advantages of Type-C only or maybe they just gave up, the fact is that a cover producer has thought to throw some gas on the fire with some images dedicated to OnePlus 7.

OnePlus 7 with mini-jack input? Impossible, but never say never!

OnePlus 7

At present, it seems almost certain that the next top of the Chinese brand will arrive with a design renewed in style, with an almost completely borderless display and a pop-up selfie camera. The new renderings - again related to a protective cover - leaked on the net, however, show us a novelty.

OnePlus 7

Along the lower edge it is possible to notice a hole that could be dedicated to the entrance mini-jack from 3.5 mm. If on the one hand this change of course could turn up your nose (given the company's commitment to trying to convince fans of the benefits of its removal) on the other, this feature will only make wired headset enthusiasts happy.

However it is good to take these images with due precautions because it could very well be a fake or - almost certainly - the hole dedicated to the main microphone of OnePlus 7. Wanting to enter the fiction, since the flagship should have three incarnations, perhaps the basic model could mark the return of the mini-jack, then eliminated in the higher models.

Obviously this is just speculation and to have an official confirmation or denial we will necessarily have to wait for the launch of the top of the range (even if it seems that it won't happen so soon ...).

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