After witnessing the official presentation of the new P30 family of Huawei, only one more device was missing. This smartphone is the Huawei lite P30 and is positioned, at least initially, in a market segment full of excellent devices. Considering the lower economic claims it is however possible to appreciate a design almost identical to that seen on P30 e P30 Pro, with minimal differences.

In fact, the entire photographic sector has been arranged vertically and, on the front, there is a display with a drop-shaped notch. How valid, however, is the performance of this smartphone? Will it really live up to all the other mid-range devices currently on the market? Let's find out together, in our full review.

Huawei P30 Lite Review

Huawei lite P30

Unboxing - Huawei P30 Lite

From Huawei we received a pack intended for printing, so some of the accessories regularly present in the final sales box were not included. In any case, inside you should find:

  • Huawei P30 lite;
  • USB / USB Type-C cable;
  • protective cover in TPU;
  • pin for the SIM slot;
  • a pair of classic earphones;
  • short instruction manual;
  • wall power supply with quick charge support;

Design & Materials

This Huawei lite P30 presents a very attractive design, which gives a nod to the two older brothers. A cover in posteriorly finds space glass, although to the touch it looks much more like a simple plastic surface. The whole side frame, instead, is made of metallic material, presenting a glossy finish prone to scratches and imperfections. We are faced, however, with a handy and comfortable device to hold, while showing a slipperiness at times really excessive. Let's talk about dimensions general equal to 152,9 x 72,7 x 7,4 mm weight only 160 grams.

On the back resides a photographic form composed of well 3 sensors different. This structure protrudes about 2 millimeters compared to the profile of the device but, despite everything, it has proved to be resistant. In daily use, I found no scratches or imperfections. Poco below we find, instead, the single LED flash. Also on Huawei lite P30 the company has decided to propose a biometric sensor, which we will talk about in poco.

Huawei lite P30

Along the right profile of the smartphone we have the key ON / OFF and volume balance. All the other components are arranged above and below. In particular, the trolley of the SIM slot it is placed on the upper part, while below is the hole mini jack for headphones, the entrance USB Type-C, main microphone and system speaker.

Ear capsule, proximity and brightness sensors, selfie camera e Notification LED they all reside on the front.

Huawei lite P30


A board Huawei P30 Lite the company has decided to include a of IPS matrix from 6.15 diagonal inches, with resolution FHD + (2312 x 1080 pixel) and density of 415 ppi. This unit takes up almost the entire front surface of the smartphone, although there are still quite marked frames. Compared to the entire P30 family, the P30 Lite offers a lower screen-to-body ratio. As with the older brothers, however, we are dealing with the notch to drop.

Huawei lite P30

I didn't encounter any particular problems on the outside, as the brightness sensor always illuminates the surface of the smartphone. In closed and darker environments, however, I was not satisfied, because the device tends to maintain a brightness that is too low. Despite everything, the quality of the panel is remarkable, giving back colors turned on and a good contrast. If you were not satisfied with the color calibration, in any case, you could modify it through the special menu. Since this is an IPS, however, we do not have a large depth of color. In fact, we are in the presence of Bianchi that turn slightly to blue and neri which, although not standing out, are fairly well balanced.

Huawei lite P30

Huawei seems to have done a good job regarding the oleophobic treatment. Once the plastic film, already present on the device, has been removed, I have not encountered any major dirt problems on the glass surface.

Finally, the panel touch screen it has always proved quite responsive, even in the writing phase. Occasionally some touch is lost during typing or, more simply, in scrolling and pinch-to-zoom. It is nothing so limiting, however, in everyday use.

Unlocking Systems

Notoriously on smartphones of a certain type we find at least two release systems different, and this Huawei P30 Lite it does not differ from them. Speaking of biometric sensor, placed on the back, I can only spend good words. Although this component is not as lightning as one might expect, it still turns out to be reliable and precise.

As for, instead, the Face Unlock, there are a couple of considerations to make. In fact, it is necessary to specify, first of all, that this option uses the front photographic module, set inside the notch. During daylight hours the release of the device is practically immediate, revealing itself as one of the fastest in its market segment. The situation changes drastically, however, in the dark. In difficult light situations, in fact, the face recognition function does not work properly, slowing down operations or denying us access.

Huawei lite P30

Hardware & Performance

Huawei P30 Lite owns a Kirin HiSilicon 710, then a Huawei chipset with an octa-core processor, with Cortex-A73 configuration 2,2 GHz x 4 + Cortex-A53 1,7 GHz x 4. We are in the presence, then, of 4 GB of RAM e 128 GB of internal storage. All the space used for data storage can be further increased up to 512 GB, by means of one microSD external.

It is not the first time we see this chipset on a smartphone, just think of the Mate 20 Lite recently released on the market. Personally I had a certain idea about the performances of Huawei P30 Lite and the wait, in part, was respected. As you can see we can't put this device on the same level with the other two older brothers. However, it will be possible to get a lot of satisfaction, because moving around the interface is pleasant and opening applications does not require biblical times. All the quantity of RAM available it allows to keep in memory an acceptable number of information, avoiding continuous reloads of the app itself.

In my opinion the brand should optimize some better animations and make several passages more fluid. Probably the daily experience, even fixing these problems, would be identical but for a more demanding user it could represent the real balance needle.

Le temperature they often reach a slightly too high level, especially after entire gaming sessions. At the rear, the body warms up and the heat released becomes perceptible even if you hold the device in your hand. As said, however, the performances are level, allowing you to fully exploit the full potential of the GPU Mali-G51. Inside the Play Store you can find different titles and they are all compatible with this smartphone. Also with Games in fact you will get heavier performances, with a good frame-rate and medium details.

Benchmark - Huawei P30 Lite


Huawei has always decided to use its own Android customization. On Huawei P30 Lite we have, in fact, the EMUI 9.0.1, Based on Android 9 Pie and with security patches dating back to March 1. On P30 and P30 Pro the brand is committed to giving the user a different experience, going to slightly modify the graphics of some icons and their layout. Sorry about that P30 Lite therefore, the same change has not been made. Despite this particular, we are faced with the usual Huawei-branded interface. All the various system applications are not missing, such as, for example, Temi, Phone management, Hicare, Health, Phone Clone, Videos and much more.

Huawei lite P30

In the menu related to the settings, among the most particular items we still find the digital management, which monitors our activities by limiting the use of the smartphone. Inside the Display it is possible, then, to manage the apps that do not have access to the full screen view, as well as to change the screen temperature, activate the Eye protection or set the panel resolution. As with other terminals in the house, you also have the option of deciding whether to keep the notch or hide it.

use the gestures full screen is very easy and intuitive, presenting the same movements already appreciated on other phones. With a swipe upwards, starting from one of the two lower ends, one can access, among other things, directly to Google Assistant.

How was the managed? notch top up Huawei P30 Lite? The surface covered by this notch is really minimal, thus allowing the system to show all the necessary information, including the notification icons. With individual external applications I have never had an incompatibility problem, as I often see, for example, on Instagram. Starting the story display, in fact, the entire interface "translates" down a few centimeters, leaving the area adjacent to the drip notch free.

Huawei lite P30

Photo Quality

There are three sensors on the back of the Huawei P30 Lite: the main one is from 48 mega-pixels with opening f / 1.8, the secondary is a wide angle from 120 ° da 8 mega-pixels, the third is only from 2 mega-pixels and is used for calculating depth of field. Previously, instead, there is a space selfie camera da 24 mega-pixels, with f / 2.0 opening. All together they contribute in offering a quality, in general, good. Regarding the interface, then, we don't see any news compared to the one offered on the other devices of the house. It always remains inconvenient to activate HDR, as it is necessary to enter continuously in the shooting modes.

Back Module

During the day it is possible to take photos with good color rendering, although the system tends not to exalt the colors that much. Very often activate theAI it may seem useless but on some occasions it manages to exalt the subjects more, giving a better contrast. Obviously the smartphone can recognize different scenes, going to independently manage some basic parameters.

However, the camera did not fully convince me The super-wide, from which I would have expected a higher quality. The photos taken with this mode, in fact, have a different color calibration and a very low level of details. Fortunately, the distortion effect is minimal, as the software manages this delicate component. Use theHDR it can be useful in some cases, even if sometimes the differences are not so marked compared to a normal shot. In case it is necessary, then, you can also use it digital zoom; personally I can confirm you that up to 2x the quality is good.

At night we cannot fully promote this department, because if it were not there night mode, Huawei P30 Lite it would not reach sufficiency. Taking a look at the images taken during the evening, you can see photos that are poor in detail and quite mixed. Let's see how the lights are not well managed and there is a tendency to overexpose the most illuminated areas. By activating the aforementioned method, however, the situation changes.

In fact, Huawei proposes a very aggressive software, which gives greater contrast and better artificial brightness management. This work does not lead to obtaining very real photographs from the chromatic point of view, even if it returns a good result. I do not recommend the activation of the ultra-wide-angle camera in such conditions, because the yield is very bad.

Good performance of the rear flash that handles the light emitted by the LED quite well, without changing the colors much.

Front Module

After taking numerous shots with the selfie camera of Huawei P30 Lite, I can say that in ideal lighting conditions the yield is very good. We note a discrete color balance and a satisfactory level of detail. Even when the brightness in the background is almost blinding, the sensor manages to isolate the subjects in the foreground, showing as much as possible.

The only real negative note concerns thebokeh effect, in the hope that in the future Huawei will update this aspect. As soon as the system gets slightly in crisis, the smartphone is no longer able to cut out the contours of the subjects well, returning a photo compromised in terms of quality.

In the evening the selfie camera manages to take good photos, at least considering the market segment belonging to this one Huawei P30 Lite. If there are particular dark problems, it will be possible to take advantage of the Flash function, which will illuminate the display of the device, simulating the work usually done by a real LED.


Huawei has absolutely not wanted to exaggerate from this point of view, implementing few possibilities of registration. In the camera menu we find, in fact, a double choice. At the highest possible resolution, in 1080p, we can choose whether to use 30 fps o 60 fps. In the latter case, however, the wide-angle and digital stabilization will not be active. For this reason I have often opted for the first solution, adopting 30 fps. It is noticeable that fluidity is not the best but stabilization is good.


Focusing on connectivity, on board Huawei P30 Lite find a space for a form Wi-Fi ac Dual Band with excellent flow. The same applies to the data network, because with the 4G of Fastweb I was able to connect to the internet even in the premises usually more shielded from this point of view, always offering excellent stability.

Of course there is no lack ofNFC, FM radio, forms GPS / AGPS / GLONASS / Beidou and support to dual SIM 4G. In fact, inside the pull-out trolley it is possible to add two nano SIMs or, alternatively, a nano SIM and a microSD. Unfortunately on this phone we still find the Bluetooth 4.2, which caused me some problems with the Mi Band 2. Maintaining the connection throughout the day is practically impossible and, occasionally, even on other devices I witnessed a sudden interruption. Pure le notifications present some problems, especially with Telegram. Many messages are displayed only after opening the application and, on some occasions, the smartphone has stopped receiving information for several minutes before completely reactivating.


In the lower part we have seen how a single system speaker is present. The wholeaudio it is released from this component and the quality is quite good. THE bassi they are not so marked but the general balance is more than satisfactory. In case it is necessary, however, you could use the headphones present in the package. This pair of earphones does not have a noteworthy musical depth but can be useful on call. Also from the headset capsule, in any case, the sound is good. During all my conversations I didn't feel any disturbance or interference, being able to clearly understand the voice of the interlocutor.


Huawei P30 Lite owns a battery from 3340 mAh. Enough, therefore, to take you safely until evening without major problems. Even with a stressful use of the device, between Wi-Fi and 4G, I reached poco more than 6 hours on screen turned on, on a basis of 15 hours of continuous use. Keeping faith in less exploitation of the device, you might be able to cover even two full days without having to connect the smartphone to the current.

The power supply in the sales box allows you to recharge your smartphone, from 10% to 100%, in about 1 30 hours and minutes. This is possible thanks to the support to quick charging da 18W.

Conclusions - Huawei P30 Lite

Huawei P30 Lite is proposed, at launch, a 369,90 €. If you were interested, by the way, by buying it by 26st May you will receive wireless headphones as a gift Huawei FreeBuds Lite and more than 30 € of cinema content on Huawei Video.

As far as I'm concerned, the amount requested is still too high. If the company had kept the bar more towards i 300 €, would have gotten a value for money more appealing. With these conditions Huawei P30 Lite becomes poco palatable, although it works well and offers excellent performance.

In the coming weeks, we expect the company to improve its device with some changes on the software side and at that point we will only have to wait for a price drop to be able to fully compete with other manufacturers.

Design and Materials
Audio and connectivity
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huawei-p30-lite-reviewAfter attending the official presentation of Huawei's new P30 family, only one more device was missing. This smartphone is the Huawei P30 lite and is positioned, at least initially, in a market segment full of excellent devices. Considering the lower claims ...