Honor aims to be the fourth world producer, thanks to Huawei

The run-up to the big mobile brands by Huawei is now in place for several years, with the Chinese giant now on the podium of the most famous companies. As stated by Richard Yu himself, the goal is to surpass Samsung within a few years and thus become the first manufacturer in the world. And the cards on the table for this to happen are all there, also considering the economic results of the last 2018. To benefit from this boost will also be Honor, the sub-brand of Huawei that today enjoys a more solid identity and that soon will also reach the top floors of the market.

Richard Yu talks about the dual brand strategy of the Huawei - Honor duo

Although companies have different targets, the binomial Huawei & Honor it is still very solid, as emphasized by President George Zhao. Thanks to the help from the parent company, as well as the excellent sales results, the goal is to become the second manufacturer in China (behind Huawei). But not only: given the positive feedback received also in the West, Honor aims to be the fourth producer in the world.

As difficult as it may seem to compete with companies like Apple and Samsung, let's not forget that, while these two fell in the bag, Honor recorded a growth of 170% on international markets. Results that have been possible thanks to a rather aggressive pricing philosophy and a certain propensity to follow more or less youthful trends. A boost will certainly be with the launch of Honor 20, Inter alia already certified in Europe.

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