Review HomTom H5: How much are you willing to give up for savings?

homtom h5 review

That of the sector low budget has always been a controversial field, in which it is possible to come across solutions that absolutely do not regret superior models (obviously with the due differences!) and others ... a little more difficult to digest. How did the small entry level behave during our test? Find out in our review of HomTom H5!

HomTom H5 Review

homtom h5 review

Sales package

The sales box of the device has an extremely essential look and content. We have a black cardboard with a rough texture to the touch and the brand logo in silver on the top. Inside the package we find a bundle composed by:

  • HomTom H5;
  • wall charger from 5V 2A;
  • USB / USB Type-C cable;
  • USB Type-C cable / mini-jack from 3.5 mm;
  • pin for the SIM slot;
  • manuals.

No headphones (also considering the absence of the mini-jack input) and no protective cover supplied. In short, the aim is to save and this cannot fail to have an impact on the contents of the sales package.

Design and construction

The first impact with HomTom H5 he is the most pleasant, despite the look that he does not aim to entice by following current trends. The front part hosts a classic and notch-free display, with large frames above and below it and an allocation composed of a Flash LED, a selfie camera, the ear capsule, the sensors and the Notification LED. To protect the screen we have a glass panel with a very slight 2.5D curvature and a slightly hinted step.

homtom h5 review

The back mimics the usual stylistic elements, exploiting a vertical dual camera in the upper left corner. Coloring Gold that characterizes the polycarbonate shell is really well done (the plastic bands give an almost premium appearance), turning towards a sand-colored shade that gives the device an original look. The difference compared to other models lies in the fingerprint reader, which is positioned in the upper part of the panel instead of the center.

homtom h5 review

While this positioning may suggest a more intuitive position for the finger during unlocking (and indeed it is), on the other hand the fingerprint reader turns out to be somewhat slow e inaccurate in doing his job. You'll find yourself pressing several times before having the desired result or relentlessly giving up and turning to unlocking with the PIN / pattern.

The device measures 152.8 x 73.3 x 7.9 mm for a weight of 177 grams; a small and manageable solution and the relationship in 18: 9 contributes to further streamline its forms. As for the rest of the "package", along the bottom edge we find the microphone, a USB Type-C port and a single speaker; the right side houses the volume rocker and the Power button, while on the other hand the hybrid Dual SIM slot finds space.


homtom h5 review

L'HomTom H5 integrates an In-Cell LCD display from 5.7 inches diagonal with resolution HD + (1440 x 720 pixel), report in 18: 9 and a touch panel at 5 touches. The yield of the display is not enthusiastic, with slightly dull colors (albeit fairly faithful), blacks that turn sharply towards gray and whites tending towards blue.

The cheap soul of the smartphone makes itself heard and in the device settings there are no options to put the panel.

Hardware and Performance

On the software side, the device relies on the SoC MediaTek MT6739, quad-core solution up to 1.3 GHz with ARM Cortex-A53 architecture and 28 nm production process. All this translates into an experience that is not exactly exciting - even in the face of 3 GB of RAM and 32 GB of storage - with a palpable general slowness. There are no freezes and malfunctions, but the opening and closing of the applications appears "heavy" and there is no lack of light scattered lag.

The graphic part is managed by the GPU IMG PowerVR GE8100 from 570 MHz. How easy it is to understand from the above considerations, theHomTom H5 it is absolutely not a smartphone to use for gaming. Casual games will not give you problems even if it is not uncommon to encounter slowdowns and frame rate drops; if you are a fan of multiplayer titles like Brawl Stars, perhaps the gaming experience will be quite frustrating. The heaviest titles are to be avoided or at most set with the graphics options to a minimum; also in this case the fluidity is not guaranteed.



On board the HomTom entry level we have Android 8.1 Oreo with security patches updated to October 2018. The operating system of the green robot arrives in the form of 360 OS, the UI owner of the Chinese company. At the moment there are various software deficiencies, despite some decidedly tempting gems.

The overall look is very clean and refined (especially thanks to dark rapid Toogle) and an app is present as a base Freezer. It is a software for freezare unused applications (not valid for system applications), so as not to have background surprises and abnormal consumption. It is a pity that there are still anomalous consumptions and no need to freeze anything, as will be seen in the section on Autonomy.

Remaining on the subject, the software has some imperfections in terms of translation and the lack of updates is really indicative. The daily experience is not the brightest, with subdued performance and a "slow" atmosphere. Hand in the Developer Options can help improve things.

The Face Unlock, quite reliable with adequate lighting even if not very fast in the release. In the Activity Manager, selecting an app and swiping down will be possible lucchettarla or switch to mode Split Screen. Themes are also present, with a decent free selection and with the possibility of changing icons and backgrounds.

In short, the brand's software is essential and free of features such as Dual App and the like; so far no problem but it is clear that it needs various improvements in terms of performance.

Photographic quality

homtom h5 review

The photographic sector relies on a dual camera 13 (8 mega-pixel interpolated) + 2 mega-pixel, with a main sensor from Samsung (as reported by the company, the model is not specified).

The module in question turned out to be rather insufficient in terms of the quality of the shots by returning images with a patina tending to yellow, little accentuated details and some overexposure problems. The bokeh is a simple fuzzy filter that frames the subjects. We also have some inaccuracies regarding the focus and the photos obtained do not reach the levels required in the social sphere.

Nocturnal or artificial lighting scenes present themselves with pasty details and a lot of noise. Selfie side - with a camera from 8 mega-pixels - things do not improve at all and we are on the same level of quality. In the evening the frontal flash is certainly a godsend even if it is not a miracle solution. The device is able to record video to 1080p but even here the quality is maintained on the same standards as above.

Connectivity and audio quality

The module dual SIM hybrid allows to insert two coupons or a SIM and a microSD. Equipped with connectivity LTE, the modem of HomTom H5 it did not engage in particularly attractive performances, with difficulties in moving from 4G networks to lower ones or in resuming the line after crossing areas with zero coverage. Often - indoors - we have had problems receiving text messages for two-factor authentication of various kinds.

For the rest, the connectivity package includes Bluetooth 4.0 e Wi-Fi Single Band did not return any defect. The same applies to navigation through GPS / A-GPS.

homtom h5 review

Along the lower edge we find a single speaker for the reproduction of audio content, a solution that is not very attractive both in terms of volume and quality.


The battery ofHomTom H5 it's a unit from 3300 mAh with fast charging from 10W via a USB Type-C port. The recharge times are not bad and the device is able to reach 100% in about 1 now and 15 minutes. As far as autonomy is concerned, we have encountered many problems.

First the device never goes into Deep Sleep, remaining fixed on the 299 MHz for the duration of the rest. This results in abnormal battery consumption. Icing on the cake, from Settings it is not possible to access the usage data battery; clearly this is a software problem and it is clear that it will not be corrected by close.

Third-party apps have had some problems, but overall the device is able to reach them 5 hours of display on. With regards to our troubles in terms of autonomy, we hope that this is an isolated case.

Review HomTom H5 - Price and Conclusions

Summing up, the small entry level HomTom H5 it does not excel particularly in terms of performance, of software (unless the company releases substantial updates) and above all as regards the photographic sector. On the other hand, its compact size could tempt those looking for a smartphone that is simple to use as a forklift.

The question remains the same: how long are you willing to give up for savings? If you have no problems setting aside quite a few features then the price of 88 € could lure you. In case you are looking for something more, even if very little, then you need to change direction and focus on some other model that maybe - even going up a little in terms of price - can give you some more satisfaction.

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