Antutu draws up a list of the best smartphones for value for money

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As you know, every month Antutu ranks the top performing smartphones, decreeing the most powerful smartphone in the current month. In this particular ranking affect the performances net of updates and OS: you don't just look at the technical data sheet.

The same company has today brought a series of rankings perhaps even more interesting for all users who follow us: lists that take into account the value for money of Chinese smartphones. The rankings in question they are 4, let's take a closer look at them.

Antutu divides the rankings into 4 lists

Since it would be unfair to make a comparison between different smartphones, Antutu has divided the rankings, in fact, into 4 brackets, by price range. It starts with smartphones under the 129€, to move to the category dai 130€ ai 259€, followed by the price range between 260€ and of 389€ to then conclude with the products from 390€ upward.

A small note: the prices considered by the store are (mostly) related to the Chinese market.

The best smartphones under the 129 €


The devices under this price range are probably among the most sought after and sold: they excel in this category Notes redmi 7 Pro 3 / 32 GB, Redmi 7 e Lenovo K5 Note.

The best smartphones between 130 € and 259 €


In this band the devices of the house are noticed Meizu, with the Meizu X8, Followed by Lenovo Z5 e Meizu Notes 9.

The best smartphones between 260 € and 389 €


Devices still top the list in the third category of smartphones Lenovo, Xiaomi e Meizu, with Lenovo Z5 Pro GT in the head, followed by Meizu 16 e Xiaomi Mi 9.

The best smartphones over 390 €


The easiest task to choose in this price range, which actually belongs to all the latest top of the range. The fourth category is dominated by Xiaomi Mi 9 Transparent Edition 8 / 256 GB, Followed by Black Shark Helo e OnePlus 6.

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