Amazfit BIP goes through the hands of JerryRigEverything: how resistant is the economic wearable?

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Fans Huami and his cheap smartwatch are eagerly awaiting his successor, which seems to be very close. Meanwhile, the good JerryRigEverything he thought to put his hand to theAmazfit BIP to test the resistance of the wearable. In short, never as in these cases ... better late than never!

Amazfit BIP: this is how it behaved in endurance tests

According to the famous channel, the need to try Amazfit BIP it would have come as a result of various user requests, some of which would have found a detachment of the smartwatch display after some time of use. But how the wearable will have behaved under torture JerryRigEverthing?

As for the scratch resistance, the body of the device suffers by its very intrinsic nature, since it is a product made entirely of plastic. However it is worth keeping in mind that this type of scratches are certainly not realistic when compared with the daily use of the smartwatch.

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As for the issues related to the display, the BIP does not seem to lose strokes both in terms of resistance and in terms of stress to cause it to come off. It is very probable that the users who dealt with the above problem had in their hands a model belonging to a "defective" stock and that the problem was corrected with subsequent products.

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After many attempts, the display finally gives way, shattering. If you are curious to learn more, take a look at the video, since the second part of the same presents an overview of the internal components of the wearable. Really interesting! Here you find instead our teardown di Amazfit BIP, an adventure in the depths of the much appreciated device.

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