Review Alfawise Smart Light WL32: don't call it simple lamp

Review Alfawise Smart Light WL32

Sometimes, during our web wanderings, we find ourselves confronted with some really nice accessories and products that can make our eyes shine. We are talking about ourselves, but in reality we are well aware that this is a common condition and that many of you technology enthusiasts are examining the various stores in search of the right product, perhaps without spending a fortune. If you are looking for a piece of furniture, perhaps the lamp Alfawise Smart Light WL32 could be bread for your teeth!

Review Alfawise Smart Light WL32

Sales package

Unfortunately, the sales packaging of our lamp is certainly not its strong point. The box looks like an elongated very simple cardboard with an economic air (also for the color ... a simple cardboard, in practice). As for the equipment, inside the package we find:

  • Alfawise Smart Light WL32;
  • 12V 1A wall charger with European socket;
  • English manuals.

Design, materials and operation

Review Alfawise Smart Light WL32

Our "smart" lamp (even if defining it in this way can be misleading and we will get there shortly) Alfawise Smart Light WL32 it looks like a narrow cylinder composed of an aluminum base - with a single LED in the center of the same, the input for the power supply and a speaker - and the plastic structure (ABS) that represents the real lamp.

Review Alfawise Smart Light WL32

Its measurements are 21.5 cm in height, with a diameter of 10 cm and a weight of 700 grams. The entire surface of the base is touch and allows you to turn on / off and activate the RGB LEDs of the device. With a single tap (anywhere in the metal band) one lights up dimmable warm light with minimum brightness; the second and third tap increase the intensity of the light.

Review Alfawise Smart Light WL32

With a further touch the lamp turns off while with a long press of any point the lamp will activate RGB LED mode. This consists in the transition to various shades of colors (red, yellow, green, light blue, blue, purple) within a minute, while to stop the lamp on a precise color, a single pressure will suffice. An extended tap causes the device to exit the RGB mode by turning it off completely.


Review Alfawise Smart Light WL32

The device Alfawise Smart Lamp WL32 it has connectivity Bluetooth 2.1, through which you can connect with your smartphone (or any other device with Bluetooth). Despite the wording smart in the name, the WL32 lamp does not present any kind of deep integration and it is not possible to exploit voice assistants and similar features. In short, it is essentially a lamp equipped with RGB lights to create atmosphere and that can be used as a Bluetooth speaker.

Audio quality

As Bluetooth speaker, the device is much more enjoyable a bassi volumes, where it is better able to conceal its defects. By increasing the volume the audio begins to distort and as you go up the situation becomes more and more annoying.

Review Alfawise Smart Light WL32

The WL32 lamp gives a nod to pop music, the one with little bass, due to the slightly privileged highs compared to the mids and basses. In a nutshell, better to use it to create a little atmosphere - of course with the active RGB mode - than for real musical entertainment.

Review Alfawise Smart Light WL32 - Conclusions and price

Summing up this product is not exactly simple. The selling price of approx 32 € su GearBest makes it decidedly unattractive. Even if we are not talking about a simple lamp, the word "smart" in the name could mislead and let us think of greater integration with the field of home automation; in reality Alfawise Smart Light WL32 it is to be considered as a bedside table or desk-top company, to which you can entrust the reproduction of your favorite songs in the background, with relaxing LED lights.

In short, perhaps the proposed price could be slightly excessive, but already in discount or with a dedicated coupon things change radically and become a pleasant element with which to embellish your home.

A small note: the Alfawise product is sold out and for this reason we recommend the purchase of a smart alternative lamp equipped with the same functionality and the same price. Below is the badge for the new device.

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