Review HomTom ZOJI Z11: IP68 and 10000 mAh of battery

HomTom ZOJI Z11

Recently we took a look at a rugged phone poco known in this sector, although he is at the head of the project Homtel. In fact, this company has decided to create its own division dedicated to all devices with somewhat extreme characteristics, just like ZOJI Z33. In the course of our complete review we had analyzed the brand closely, evaluating the work done on the product. Our opinion, ultimately, was not so positive, because the smartphone had highlighted more than a few defects, especially at the software level.

During these weeks it was possible to learn more with another ZOJI device, the model called "ZOJI Z11". From the hardware point of view we find a better endowment than the one presented on Z33 but it is necessary however to make some clarification. So let's not lose any more time and let's find out together how this device behaved within ours Full review.

Review HomTom ZOJI Z11


La sales package has rather generous dimensions, showing inside:

  • ZOJI Z11;
  • USB / USB Type-C cable;
  • wall power supply from 9V / 3A;
  • plastic film for the screen;
  • short instruction manual;
  • pin for the SIM slot;
  • 3.5mm / USB Type-C jack adapter;
  • USB / USB Type-C USB cable;


HomTom ZOJI Z11 it has an imposing and very heavy structure. The dimensions I'm from 175 x 84 x 17 mm thick, with a weight of well- 356 grams. From the constructive point of view there are no particular notes to make, although the maneuverability is hopelessly compromised even for medium-large hands.

All the rear profile is characterized, however, by metal components which, on and off, are interrupted by simple plastic. The latter presents, in any case, a good quality. Also on the lateral frame we find, then, the same metal structure, accompanied by some visible screws.

It will be really difficult for you to escape from your hands but, in everyday use, you will have to get used to its considerable weight. However, certification is present IP68, which makes it resistant to water e dust. During tests performed in wet conditions, I found no anomalies or malfunctions, continuing to respond well to all commands. The various doors relating to the connectivity sector, such as the SIM slot and the USB Type-C input, are completely enclosed by special ones rubbers, which in this way prevent any problem related to the infiltration of external agents.

HomTom ZOJI Z11


This smartphone looks like a huge tank in the middle of the roadway. ZOJI Z11 it's really impressive and any other device doesn't compare with its size. Despite this, it has everything necessary from the hardware point of view. On the back we have, in fact, a photographic form composed of well 2 cameras. The main one has a sensor Sony da 16 mega-pixels, assisted by a smaller camera from 2 mega-pixels placed further down. To complete this sector, we also find the single LED flash.

HomTom ZOJI Z11

Il biometric sensor it offers an unusual square shape but the HomTom engineers have positioned it at a good point, because it is easily accessible. In terms of thereliability, however, we reach the sufficiency rightly, recognizing our mark around 6 times on 10.

In addition to the company logo, further down there is space mono speaker, which we will discuss later. Turning the 90 ° smartphone, we see the SIM slot. The latter can simultaneously contain one Nano SIM and a micro SD. In case you want to take advantage of the double SIM, instead, you will have to sacrifice the expansion of the internal memory.

On the opposite side, the key is hidden ON / OFF and volume balance. An entry ends USB Type-C and main microphone, placed at the bottom.


HomTom ZOJI Z11 offers a completely clean front, with the exception of the headset capsule placed in the upper part. Next to it are the proximity / brightness sensors and the front camera from 13 mega-pixel. As you can see for yourself from the image below, the frames are very generous, enclosing a screen with rounded edges. The entire glass surface, on the other hand, is protected by a Corning Gorilla Glass and has no curvature whatsoever.

HomTom ZOJI Z11

The display mounted on the smartphone is a unit IPS da 5.99 diagonal inches, with resolution HD + (1440 x 720 pixels), density of 268 ppi and shape relationship in 18:9. Unlike many other current devices, on this device we don't find any type of notch, keeping faith with a more classical structure.

All the 4 corners of the panel are not finished at their best, even if with the naked eye these uncertainties are almost imperceptible. In any case, the viewing angles are discreet but the color range is not up to expectations. The display returns, in fact, colors slightly faded and lacking in character. If they do not meet your expectations, they can still be changed through the settings.

In addition, under the direct sunlight, there are some minor problems with the display of images on the screen. The brightness sensor, however, it does its job well and always proves to be rapid and precise.

HomTom ZOJI Z11

About the panel touch screen I do not have to complain about particular problems while browsing the interface. However, in the more agitated writing phases, many touches are lost, leading the user to make several mistakes.

Release systems

ZOJI Z11 offers two release systems: biometric sensor e Face Unlock. As for the first feature, I have already described my impressions in part. The impression sensor on the back suffers from some problem in the recognition, showing a poor reliability. In fact, our imprint will be recognized only 6 times on 10. This component also finds space in a point that is quite comfortable for those who, like me, have quite large hands. For other subjects, however, it could be more uncomfortable.

Lo unlock through the face is managed by the front camera, which in the configuration phase performs an 2D scan of our face. During daylight hours there is no problem in face recognition, while at night this system becomes practically unusable.

Hardware & Performance

A board HomTom ZOJI Z11 a MediaTek octa-core chipset finds space MT6750T, with a maximum clock frequency of 1.5 GHz. The SoC integrates a GPU ARM Mali-T860 MP2, at 650 MHz, offering a memory park consisting of 4 GB of RAM e 64 GB di internal storage, expandable through microSD.

The performances offered by all these components are sufficient, although they never reach important levels. Not that in everyday use there are obvious problems but surely we could have expected slightly more from this arrangement. Taking advantage of the device for more than a week, I have never recorded any crash or sudden block of applications.

Furthermore, there are still some bugs, but this discourse deals exclusively with the sphere of software optimization. Overall the 4 GB of RAM is enough to handle the various background processes, including Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and very little else. With so many open applications, in fact, there is some slight slowdown.

From the point of view gamingthen, it is not possible to enjoy great quality with more performing titles, such as Real Racing 3 e PUBG. You will, in fact, be directed towards a low frame-rate e poco stable.

The quality of the display is not the best but, in any case, up ZOJI Z11 no certification can be found Widevine of type L1, which thus denies the possibility of exploiting Netflix at the highest possible resolution.



Many times we have had the opportunity to talk about smartphones equipped, from the point of view software, of a really accurate personalization. On this device, however, we are in exactly the opposite condition. Android 8.1 Oreo it's practically stock, with hardly any kind of modification or addition. Homtel does not seem to be attentive to updates, because security patches go back to October 5, 2018.

Despite everything, the lack of originality of the software allows you to better enjoy the contents of the interface. Switching between menus is quick enough but poco fluid. In the settings menu, moreover, we find the most basic options and also some other gems.

In fact, the company has added an item related to the facial unblock, thanks to which manage various problems. Secondly, it is present DuraSpeed, which should enhance the app in the foreground, thus sacrificing all those in the background. Although this element has been inserted to guarantee a further increase in performance, in reality it has no obvious advantage.

Being a rugged phone, in the home there is an application, called ToolBox. Inside there are various tools, useful mainly for a certain type of work. Among these we have the ruler, livelli, compass and magnifying glass.

La navigation bar it can be modified but not eliminated, so you will never find any settings related to any particular gestures that can replace it.

Photographic quality

HomTom ZOJI Z11

ZOJI Z11 it has a photographic module composed of two sensors: the main one is branded Sony and it is from 16 mega-pixels, while the secondary is only from 2 mega-pixels and is used, in theory, for the analysis of depth of field. In daily use I could see, in fact, that the bokeh effect returned by the rear camera is nothing but a mask added by the system. So I didn't understand if the second sensor actually serves anything.

La quality expressed by the entire sector, in good light conditions, is not entirely sufficient. All the shots taken in these days of testing have highlighted a lot of colors poco incisors, which have a negative effect on the sharpness of the image. Even when there are severe overexposure conditions, the HDR does not manage to improve the photo properly. In this case, in fact, the color range completely changes, although the light is managed slightly better. Already in a situation of normality, however, one feels a photographic noise excessive.

During the night hours the quality drops drastically and many problems related to lens flare. In this case the photographic noise increases dramatically and all the contours in the background become even more pasty. Needless to reiterate that when it gets dark we are well below sufficiency. Even the single rear LED flash can do nothing to improve things in difficult situations, showing very little power.

I videofinally, they can be turned into 1080p is 30 fps, with a quality absolutely equal to that recorded in the photographic department. The stabilization is below the sufficiency and we don't find any type of digital autofocus able to improve the final yield.

Selfie room

On the front side there is a space Selfie chamber da 13 mega-pixels which convinces slightly more. The photos in this case seem to be slightly more defined, although i colors they continue to be very cold. In difficult light conditions, the HDR function can come to your rescue, but it shows longer shutter speeds than necessary. No bokeh function has been added to this component, not even via software.

Connectivity & Audio

By means of Wi-Fi ac Dual Band you can navigate with good performance in every corner of the house, even those that are usually the most difficult. Despite this, the coverage of the ZOJI Z11 it is not as wide as in other cases.

On the outside you can take advantage of the connectivity LTE, which did not cause me any problems with Fastweb's 4G. Furthermore, the model is present on this model 20 band. On board of ZOJI Z11 there is also a module GPS / A-GPS / GLONASS, with which I was able to navigate with relative ease on all city streets. However, it should have a more rapid signal fix and greater reliability to offer the right guarantees.

Do not miss the Bluetooth 4.0, which remained constantly connected to one Mi Band 2. In communication with the latter, however, there is some problem, because all the individual notifications continued to be tripled.

Later we have it system speaker, set inside the body. From the acoustic point of view I cannot praise this component, because the sound is flat and completely devoid of bass. The situation improves with headphones. In case you want to use your favorite earphones, equipped with the jack for an 3.5 mm jack input, you will have to resort to theadapter present in the package. This operation will not be necessary, however, when you need to make a call. The only real obstacle is the poor quality returned by the headset capsule, which proposes metallic and lightly voices poco clear.


HomTom ZOJI Z11 owns a battery from 10000 mAh. This allows you to complete more than two days without problems, using your smartphone in a not too stressful way. With more stringent use, however, I reached more than 2 days and 10 hours Continuous ignition, with well 15 hours and 30 minutes of active screen. And I still had the 14% remaining charge.

La recharge uses a power supply with output a 9V / 3A, able to switch from 10 to 100% in about 3 hours. During a common day it might be useful, however, to recharge the smartphone of some of your other friends. Thanks to the adapter included in the package and to a 3.0 USB Type-C input, you won't have any problems even in this type of dynamic. You will have a real one with you Powerbank, always at hand.


This HomTom ZOJI Z11 is currently sold on AliExpress about 170-180 EUR. On Banggood ed eBay, instead, you wander around the 260 €. In my opinion, therefore, the most appropriate price is the one proposed by AliExpress, because in addition to a large battery and a good resistance, this smartphone offers nothing else. This type of device, as often happens, is aimed at a niche of users, eager to have an almost indestructible product and good autonomy.

It is therefore not intended for a particular category. And don't be fooled by the various tools on the system, that poco they have to do with the world of work.

Design and Materials
Audio and connectivity
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homtom-zoji-z11-ip68-e-10000-mah-battery reviewWe recently took a look at a rugged phone poco known in this sector, although HomTom is at the head of the project. This company has decided, in fact, to create its own division dedicated to all devices with slightly extreme features, ...