Pocophone F2 may have no notch

We still do not know much about how it will be Pocophone F2, since for the moment the leaks still seem rather sleepy about it. But a clue to a big news could have given us the same subsidiary of Xiaomi, with a tweet to celebrate the Women's Day. If this were confirmed, it would mean that the next flagship killer could do not have any notch, for the joy of all his haters.

That Pocophone F2 can do without notches and various notches?

The tweet was posted from the official page Pocophone Global and exclusively concerns Women's Day. But if we wanted to be mischievous, because in the image used we see the back cover of Pocophone F1 and a display that does not belong to this model? The screen in question, in fact, is free of notch at the top, unlike the obvious notch of the first model launched last year.

There are two options: the most negative is that Pocophone has chosen to make the image created more captivating by opting for a more futuristic display, without any real connection. The other, more positive and malicious option is that Pocophone has deliberately chosen to spoil the design of Pocophone F2, creating a deliberately ambiguous tweet to make people talk about themselves. We just have to wait to find out which of the 2 will be the true option.

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