MiFit Mod + 3.5.9: here comes the new version for Xiaomi Mi Band 3, AmazFit BIP and others

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After the success of the previous version (with lots of a fix to fix some flaws on certain smartphones) the new one arrives MiFit Mod + 3.5.9 with some news and the usual bugfixes to improve the user experience.

The new MiFit Mod + 3.5.9 | is available Changelog and Download

mifit mod

La MiFit Mod + 3.5.9 allows you to add modified firmware and res with automatic translation implementations in Italian and other software gems. For all the features of the MiFit Mod we refer you to the changelog present at the bottom while we signal - with the new version - the possibility of adding more devices (from stock) in the maintained mod. Also there are various bugfixes and a firmware update for Xiaomi Mi Band 3, Amazfit BIP e AmazFit Cor (respectively,,

Click here for the complete changelog

1. Improved notifications (no double, long texts)
2. Emoticons in messages for BIP, COR, MiB3 and MiB3 NFC (with Fw and font mod)
3. Caller name displayed
4. Extended sleep info for all the bands that support them
5. Google Fit sync
6. Support for local WatchFaces (BIP and COR)
7. Improved translations
8. Automatic fw updates disabled
9. Flash of the FW xShadow and the mod fonts for emoji (no MiB3 NFC to be done by hand)
10. Added @jps1x2 TCX / GPX Export
11. New menu 'xShadow
12. Italian TTS voice in training

IMPORTANT: The procedure described in this guide presents complex operations that, if performed incorrectly, could damage your device. It is recommended to run only by users who have gained a good experience in modding. The staff of GizChina.it will not be held responsible for any damage to the device.

AmazFit BIP WatchFaces 1.0.28 Editor: all the news of the new version Download

For the complete procedure and the files to be installed on your device (Xiaomi Mi Band 3Mi Band 3 NFC, Mi Band 2Amazfit BipColor e ARC) we refer you to our dedicated Telegram group where you will also find advice, information and many other wearable fans with the Huami and Xiaomi products.

We thank the team de ilgruppotester, xCape, amsuser, jps1x2 and gizchina.it.

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