Review Doogee S80: strength and autonomy

Doogee S80

Doogee S80 is a device that aims to offer its customers something more than the competition. This device enriches a wide selection of rugged phone very particular, all characterized by quite similar shapes. In this case, however, the company has decided to use slightly more powerful hardware components than the average, thus fulfilling its purpose, which is to sell a fast and secure device. Will it really succeed? This Doogee S80 can it be considered the rugged phone to beat, even in the future? Let's find out better together, within ours Full review.

Doogee S80 review


The sales package is completely made of rigid cardboard, showing some device specifications on the back. Inside we find:

  • Doogee S80;
  • short instruction manual in several languages;
  • product warranty card;
  • plastic film to be applied on the front glass;
  • pin for the SIM trolley;
  • USB / USB Type-C cable;
  • wall power supply with support for the Fast Charger 3.0;
  • 3.5mm / USB Type-C jack adapter;
  • USB / USB Type-C USB cable;
  • additional antenna for communication via walkie talkies.


Doogee S80 presents itself with a truly impressive structure. This smartphone has, in fact, dimensions di 172 x 82.5 x 21.2 mm thick, with a weight of well- 398 grams. It is therefore easy to understand how it is not one of the most manageable products on the market. If the hands are not too large, it is difficult to hold.

We must consider that internally the smartphone hides a soul of metal, with some parts clearly visible even on the side profile. On each side there are 4 fixing screws, as well as other components that we will analyze later. Later Doogee S80 is coated with plastic gummed.

This surface offers good touch sensations, although in some places after a few days it is irretrievably damaged. On the back, in addition to the company logo, there is an inscription that reads "IP68", Proof that this unit is certified to withstand water and dust. Precisely for this reason, all the ports related to connectivity have been closed by special ones rubbers, which should prevent any kind of problem caused by external agents. This certification is not the only one present, because we also find the certifications IP69K e MIL-STD-810G.

Doogee S80


Although the length of the device is not so excessive, what is surprising is his thickness. We are talking about 21.2 mm that make this rugged phone poco practical. All daily activities must be recalibrated on this standard, even inserting the device in the special pockets of the trousers or jacket becomes complicated.

If you look beyond this problem, you see a raw and fairly finished terminal. On the back is a space photographic form composed of 2 different sensors: the main one is from 12 mega-pixel, while the secondary one is on 5 mega-pixel. Of course, the dual flash LEDs and biometric sensor. Lower down, finally, we have two speakers, in correspondence of the slits visible under the main logo.

Doogee S80

This structure offers many other components. On the right profile we find the volume balance and On / off button. On the opposite side it is possible to note, instead, the presence of two additional physical keys. The one with the red border is the key for theSOS but it can also be used to talk to the walkie talkie function. Slightly lower, then, is a normal space programmable key (red), through which to activate any type of command and app.

The trolley for it SIM slot it is always positioned on the left profile, hidden by a protective rubber pad. Two other protections of this type are present along the upper and lower side of the device. Below we have the entrance USB Type-C, while at the top we find the connector for theAntenna. Finally, the ear capsule, proximity and brightness sensors and the camera for selfies they are positioned frontally, above the display. The main microphone it is positioned at the bottom, between the plastic frame and the front glass.


Doogee S80 mounts an LCD panel IPS da 5.99 diagonal inches, density of 403 ppi and resolution FHD + (1080 x 2160 pixel). This smartphone, unlike many others, is essential, not showing any type of notch. Its more classical style presupposes only the presence of rounded edges along the ends.

Doogee S80

The display shows colors not too saturated, offering a fairly good balance. As usual, however, also on this unit i Bianchi tend slightly to gray at small angles, while i neri are poco deep already at a first frontal glance. Despite everything, the screens are visible even in direct sunlight, thanks to a brightness sensor which is almost always reactive and precise. In fact, during the night, it tends to reduce lighting too much in my opinion.

About the panel touch screen I must not report any particular problem. Even in the most agitated writing phases, he showed a reasonable responsiveness, rarely losing any touch. During web browsing, on the other hand, the behavior is appropriate to the type of product, showing a fluid scrolling.

Release systems

There are basically two methods of unlocking: biometric sensor e Face Unlock. Taking advantage of the fingerprint reader on the back you have faster access to the main screen of the device, even if reliability is not the best. When the device is in standby, the system often falls asleep completely and resting the finger on the recognition surface nothing happens. You will need to wake up your smartphone to get everything back to normal. Secondly, given the size of the product, it is not very convenient to reach this point. In addition, some can be combined with the biometric sensor quick gesture.

About it facial unblock, we can say that it works well only in good light conditions. During the night, in fact, it is very difficult for the front camera to recognize our face, while activating the functionality that shoots the brightness of the display to the maximum. In any case, with this last option active the chances increase but the success rate remains low.

Hardware & Performance

Su Doogee S80 a MediaTek octa-core chipset has been implemented Helio P23, with a maximum clock frequency of 2.5 GHz. The SoC also integrates a GPU ARM Mali-G71 MP2, with maximum frequency equal to 770 MHz. As far as the memories are concerned we find 6GB RAM LPDDR4X e 64 GB di internal memory eMMC 5.1. The latter is expandable up to 128 GB, by means of one microSD.

The services offered by this sector are of a good standard, certainly better than those recorded on the latest rugged phones that I had the chance to try. The processor allows all daily activities to be carried out smoothly. With 6 GB di RAMfurthermore, it is very difficult to try to put the system under stress. All the most recent applications are kept in the background, thus reducing waiting times when switching between the various screens.

In any case, there are some bugs and imperfections. Overall, however, it is possible to exploit Facebook, Instagram e Youtube without criticality. Keep in mind, however, that on Youtube the maximum reproducible quality is 1080p. Netflix e Amazon Prime Video they are usable, although the certification Widevine is of type L3.

Referring to the videogame field, you can play around with any title on the Play Store, even those notoriously heavier like Real Racing 3 e PUBG. With medium details, a reasonable frame rate is reached.



On this smartphone we find Android 8.1 Oreo, with the last one security patches dated August 5 2018. Let's talk about a device that is anything but updated to the latest versions of the green robot. There Customization of the software is practically nil, except for some additional options present in the settings. On the main menu there are, in fact, the entries relating to Duraspeed, the various gestures with the screen off, the movement gestures, the customization of the side keys and the scan of the QR code. Inside the home, on the other hand, is the setting of the Face Unlock.

In this respect, therefore, the smartphone offers a variety of different options, some of which are also interesting. I particularly appreciated those related to gestures fast, like the double click on the central button to put in standby, which on a device of this size is really very convenient. Among the various menus, among other things, we find an application called toolbag. Inside there are various interesting tools, such as the compass, the level, the compass and the magnifying glass.

Also present are the pedometer, by which to keep track of the kilometers traveled on foot, and the System Manager, thanks to which monitor the entire system. It is possible to decide to use various profiles of energy saving, or to block some apps in the background, or even to manage the programs that must start when the device is turned on.

Photo Quality

Doogee S80

Doogee S80 presents, overall, three cameras. They are all managed by the integrated software which, however, shows some critical issues. Leaving aside an interface poco eye-catching, it offers very few possibilities to the user. When taking a photo with the rear photo module, you can choose from the following functions: flash, bokeh effect e shutter speed. In case you want to increase the number of available options, tap to swipe to the right, thus opening the settings. Here you can choose from many items, including the mode HDR, the Overview and the introduction of the Beauty filter. The same applies, of course, also for the selfie room.

Everything works pretty well but you are two problems fundamental. First things first zoom manual presents an animation out of context, because it does not actually indicate any useful data. Second point is about frontal room developed by Samsung da 16 mega-pixels and opening f / 2.0, because this presents a very serious problem of focus. The subject in the foreground is always blurred, as if the software constantly kept the background in focus. It is not possible to solve this problem so you can say goodbye to your beloved selfies.

Rear Camera

During the daytime hours the main sensor, a Sony IMX363 da 12 mega-pixels and opening f / 1.8, it behaves quite well. We must always consider the price range in which the device is inserted and the type of product analyzed. Although the resolution of the image leaves something to be desired, the light balance is discreet in optimal conditions.

I colorsunfortunately, they are always washed out and poco saturated, even when there are subjects that show a singular vivacity. Overall, when the different shades are all in the same area, the system tends to uniform everything in a large mash, losing quality.

When needed, the mode High Dynamic Range comes to the rescue bringing a substantial change to the image. Sometimes it is too invasive, creating a strange effect on the blue part of the sky. Therefore, if not strictly necessary, do not use it. I do not express myself too much, finally, on bokeh mode, which should also be managed by the second bedroom from 5 mega-pixels. The software simply applies a screen filter, making the effect completely unnatural.

In the darkest hours of the will be all the few details that were still partially visible during the day are lost. All the colors they are kneaded and the photo shows very little sharpness. Night lights are completely burned but this problem is quite limited. There auto focus (Dual PDAF) is unstable and on some occasions you have to plug the screen to get back to optimal conditions.

Il dual flash LEDs offers limited power, so you can properly illuminate only distant subjects no more than 1 meter from the lens. Also in this case the characteristics remain such, showing dull colors and a generally low quality.

I video can be turned to 1080p a 60 fps, with a quality equal to that recorded in the photographic sector. The images show an insufficient stabilization and a good digital autofocus, even if not fluid.

Connectivity & Audio

This Doogee S80 mount a form 802.11 Wi-Fi a / b / g / n 2.4 GHz, with just enough quality. Using the smartphone mainly on Whatsapp, Telegram, Youtube, Facebook and all the most common applications of this type, you will never incur in any obvious problem.

By connecting to some game that uses the network, like PUBG o Brawl Stars, you may still experience major connection problems. Performing some speedtest in the most difficult parts of the house I noticed, in fact, very low grid values.

Fortunately, connectivity through LTE works well, given that with Fastweb you are constantly traveling in 4G. Also present is the 20 band. Among others, there is no lack of Bluetooth 4.0, L 'NFC and GPS / A-GPS / GLONASS.

Using one Mi Band 2 I suffered some problems related to notifications, as the messages shown by the smartband were always more in number than was due. While browsing up Google Maps I had no difficulty, however, moving through the alleys of the city.

Later we have a double audio speaker, set inside the body. The quality offered is not of a high standard. All low frequencies are almost completely absent, showing a fairly high volume at maximum power. Using a good pair of wired earphones the situation drastically improves but the volume is a bit too low.

from headset capsule we can perceive the voice of our interlocutor distinctly, even though we hear a slightly metallic sound.

As we could see earlier the smartphone can perform the function of walkie talkie, by connecting an accessory antenna already supplied in the package. Thanks to it you can make private calls, even in groups.


Doogee S80 owns a battery from 10080 mAh. During the test days I took advantage of the smartphone respecting my standards, accumulating several hours of Wi-Fi and 4G connection. As the following images show, I have completed Orders shipped to Europe of continuous use, with almost 21 hours on screen turned on. Let's talk about 7 hours of screen turned on average per day. Numbers that can only please you, given that they are superior to those collected by smartphones with the same battery. Although there are still some software problems, consumption seems to respond equally well.

The packaged power supply offers fast charging, showing an output up to 12V / 2A. To switch from 10 to 100% took poco more than 3 hours. If any of your friends find themselves in difficulty, Doogee S80 it could turn into a real powerbank, charging another device using the appropriate adapter.


Drawing the conclusions of this review, we can only mention the price of the smartphone. Doogee S80 is also sold on The Amazon Italy a 369 €, a decidedly important figure. On some online import stores you can find it around 300 € but let's talk about a large sum anyway. For the characteristics possessed and the reliability shown, it does not hold such a high price in my opinion. It is still true that on the autonomy side it has virtually no rivals. However, all software-related problems, such as those affecting the photographic industry, should also be considered.

Any user would expect to find, at this figure, a sufficient smartphone in all its features. Unfortunately, this is not the case Doogee S80.