In the panorama of the Chinese notebooks you can find products for all budgets, starting from 150 € up to 1500 €. In today's review, however, we will focus on low end, as we are going to analyze a very cheap laptop, or theXiaoma 41 wave. Has he managed to surprise us? Let's find out together in our review.

Xiaoma 41 Wave Review


The sales package is made of white hardback and inside it we find the following equipment:

  • Onda Xiaoma 41;
  • low quality wall power supply with Chinese socket and 12V output = 3A;
  • instruction manual.

Construction and design

L'Xiaoma 41 wave has a design all in all pleasant though it is anonymous, as it is very similar to most of its competitors present in this price range (which in turn are inspired by the notebook home Apple). The external shell is made in plastic as well as the rest of the chassis and we don't find any writing except at the base of the laptop.

In general, the materials used for its realization are from good workmanship, because despite having plastic we don't notice excessive pushups if not in the middle of the keyboard, but this seems to us more than normal given the price range. However, it is possible to hear some creaking sounds coming from the joint between the display and the keyboard.

Xiaoma 41 wave

The size of theXiaoma 41 wave I'm from 33.4 x 22.0 x 2.15 centimeters for a weight of 1.40 kilograms, which will allow us to insert the notebook in the backpack without it weighing heavily on our back.

La keyboard ha American layout, but you can set it in Italian without any problem. Obviously if you have never used it you will have to do a little habit of it, but you can also buy some stickers to facilitate and speed up writing in daily use.

Xiaoma 41 wave

The key Shift è more lungo than the one on the Italian keyboard and this will cause the keys to be slightly shifted to the right. Even in this case it will only be necessary to take some measurements and get used to them. For the rest the keys have perfect dimensions and the race è pleasant although obviously we perceive that we are writing with an economic machine.

Xiaoma 41 wave

Il touchpad has a coating opaque e does not support gestures di Windows. This turns out to be rather inconvenient, but otherwise has a sensitivity and discreet precision.

Right side we can find the mini HDMI inputs, USB 3.0 and the one for charging, while on the opposite side there is another USB port, the microSD input and the mini jack. Below we note 2 system speaker and 4 rubber feet similar to those of the old MacBooks.

Overall the structure è economic and this can be seen, as well as perceived to the touch but, all in all, I have not found excessive deflections unlike other competitors.


The display ofXiaoma 41 wave it is a unit IPS da 14.1 inches diagonal with Full HD resolution and ratio 16:9.

Xiaoma 41 wave

This unfortunately is not the flagship of the device, as i colors They tend to to vary very much based onviewing angle. In fact, observing the monitor perpendicularly we notice a chromatic range in line with its price range, but already tilting it slightly the colors alter.

Xiaoma 41 wave

Thanks to opaque treatment and to a good maximum brightness visibility in direct sunlight is sufficient.

Hardware and Performance

Under the body of theXiaoma 41 wave we find a chipset Intel Celeron N3450 Apollo Lake, which includes a processor quad-core with a maximum clock frequency of 2.2 GHz and basic 1.1 GHz, flanked by 4 GB di DDR3L RAM e 64 GB di internal memory eMMC expandable via microSD to 256 GB or up to 2 TB with SSD M.2 Sata.

As for the overall performance this notebook is just sufficient for a basic use, or web browsing, Netflix, office suite, Spotify and so on. In fact, given the technical specifications and the low values ​​of writing and reading, We advise against to buy theOnda Xiaoma if you want to do somephoto and video editing or for del Gaming.

During these operations theXiaoma 41 wave It tends to toil and it cannot manage the required commands sufficiently, also increasing the temperature. However, this is a completely normal behavior since we are talking about a car fanless which presents a passive cooling system.

On board we find one Intel GPU HD 500 with base frequency a 200 MHz and maximum of 700 MHz. The graphics card easily plays videos in 4K and allows us to perform light gaming with the titles present on Microsoft store such as Modern Combat Versus o Asphalt Urban, but don't think you can turn it around Fortnite because the minimum requirements are not met.

Finally, the operating system is Windows 10 Home in English language, but we can install theItalian without any problems directly from the settings.

Connectivity, audio and camera

Coming to connectivity, theXiaoma 41 wave supports Wi-Fi a / b / g / n / ac Dual Band, which manages to guarantee us average performance together with Bluetooth 4.0.

La internal camera and from 2 mega-pixels and it's barely enough for the video calls su Skype as the audio captured by the microphone is a bit low and the video quality is not satisfactory. Images are often overexposed, very noisy and characterized by color poco vivid.

L'audio outgoing from the lower speakers is poco full-bodied and owns a average volume. In short, it's not the best device to listen to music, but to watch some movies on Netflix will be just fine.


L'Xiaoma 41 wave is equipped with a battery da 5000 mAh, which guarantees us around 7 hours di soft usage, or writing on Word, while we are around 5 hours with web browsing, Spotify e Netflix. If you want to use it for the Gaming battery life will inevitably be reduced.

La recharge it happens in about two and a half hours through the supplied power supply unit, which is made a little coarse.


Before concluding we must necessarily speak of the price, as theXiaoma 41 wave is sold on Gearbest about 240 €, but thanks to gods more or less frequent it is possible to buy it easily at around 175 €.

Il price It's really bass, But the performance offered by the notebook are not sufficient. Personally I think it's better to spend 40 / 50 euro and buy a more reliable product with better components.

If you want a secondary laptop only to take notes in the university or to write some articles in mobility then you can tack on a machine like that, but if you think you want to use applications like Photoshop o Vegas / Premiere then you will have to think of something else. Obviously you will be able to install these software, but you will not be able to perform too complicated actions.

For this reason I leave you the guide to the following best Chinese notebooks which we are going to update every month. Many of these have already been tested and many others are coming to the test for editing. So stay tuned to learn more.