Huawei: two "non-traditional" Smart TVs could debut in April

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Huawei, now top brand in the smartphone and communications sector, is preparing to set foot in another field: that of Smart TV. We had already talked about it some time ago, and it seems that - in these days - the rumors have found further confirmations.

Expect something unusual from Huawei's Smart TVs

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The source of the news should be internal: a manager of the supply chain di Huawei would have revealed that the brand will launch its first Smart TV in April of this year. The range will be composed - as stated - by two models, the top of the range from 65" and a more "contained" variant from 55". Unlike what could happen with the highly anticipated Huawei P30 e P30 Pro, which will exploit the technology of Samsung for the displays, the Smart TV will be equipped with panels produced by BOE. But what do we know about Huawei's Smart TV?

Previously, CEO Yu Chengdong stated that, the first Smart TV of the brand would not have been an ordinary product. We can therefore expect a "revolutionary" device with particular functions from several points of view. Continuing, it seems that the Smart TV they will be equipped with dual cameras for greater social interaction. Scenarios in which the following are not precluded TV they will enjoy support 5G and other smart features that would reduce the gap with smartphones. However, the latter are still suppositions that will then be clarified at the time of the launch.

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