always AmazFit has amazed its users thanks to the very functional products with a design devoted to sportsmanship and with a good quality / price ratio. We have seen the great success ofAmazFit Peace or again of the Beep or of the Stratos, but in today's review we will analyze a device that could rightfully become one of the company's best buy-ins, the new one AmazFit Verge in version international!

AmazFit Verge International Review


Very nice the sales package made of gray hardcover, which presents the images and specifications of the smartwatch on the front and back. Inside the following equipment is present:

  • AmazFit Verge;
  • charging cable with integrated base;
  • instruction manual.

Design and construction

Regarding the look it is necessary to say that theAmazFit Verge It is available in three different colors, that is Twilight Blue, Shadow Gray e Moonlight White. We received the latter and I must be honest, at the time of unboxing I was not particularly happy with this color, but after a couple of hours on my wrist I had to change my mind. In fact we speak more than a white ice, which is very well combined with the orange inserts on the dial and the Home button.

AmazFit Verge

Il design He definitely convinced me, because sporty at 100% and this is also favored by the materials used, that is ABS for the cash desk e silicone for the strap, which make theAmazFit Verge.

AmazFit Verge

In fact, the dimensions are of 4.30 x 4.30 x 1.26 centimeters for a weight of 46 grams. So, as you can guess, you will not really feel the clutter during training sessions or during your daily life. To be honest, to test sleep monitoring I also wore it during the night for more than a week and it did not bother me at all.

However, the negative aspect of the cashier in ABS is that this could damaged following shock of a certain violence. In these days of testing I happened to give some small blow to furniture, but I did not find any scratch.

Finally, we point out that the strap It is suitable for anyone, as it can be adjusted with various measures and, moreover, it is also interchangeable, but only with other proprietary straps. You can not, therefore, mount a standard purchased from the watchmaker or other stores.

L'AmazFit Verge owns one IP68 certification which makes it resistant to water and dust and, in fact, apart from the speaker and the microphone, we do not find any kind of entrances. The only button present is the Power button, while the recharging pins and the heart rate monitor reside below.

The only small negative note I want to highlight concerns the position in my opinion Too short of the Home / Power button.


L'AmazFit Verge is equipped with a AMOLED display da 1.3 inches diagonal with resolution 360 360 pixels x and protection Corning Gorilla Glass 3.

AmazFit Verge

In this sector we have a real revolution compared to his predecessors, as these were characterized by a transflective panel which allowed us to have perfect visibility under the sunlight (and also good in the dark), but which penalized the aesthetic aspect, as poco captivating.

This year AmazFit he changed course and did it in the best way because the display AMOLED mounted on this model is wonderful, characterized by a very good maximum and minimum brightness and excellent colors. Furthermore, we note that on board we also find a brightness sensor that automatically manages its intensity.

AmazFit Verge

Il touch screen è reactive and we also find the double tap to wake to awaken the display. However another method to do this is through the wrist rotation.

Hardware and connectivity

Under the body of theAmazFit Verge there is a dual core processor with a maximum clock frequency of 1.2 GHz, 512 MB di RAM e 4 GB di internal memory of which 2.57 GB actually available.

Speaking of performance on such a smartwatch is almost silly, as we do not have the ability to carry out a very wide variety of operations, except those that we already find in the software. What we can say is that you can navigate without any problem in the interface and that we have not found any lag or various jams.

As for connectivity, however, theAmazFit Verge presents Bluetooth EDR 4.0, Wi-Fi b / g / n, GPS / GLONASS e a series of sensors including the gyroscope, the heart rate monitor, the compass, the light sensor, the barometer and the triaxial accelerometer.

The news is the Bluetooth of type EDR (Enhanced Data Rate), which allows us one much faster connection between the smartphone and the smartwatch and low energy consumption, but this aspect will be investigated later. Furthermore, I would like to point out that the receipt of notifications on 'AmazFit è snapshot and the device does not lose one. Obviously we will not be able to reply to the messages, but we will be able to visualize them all, or at least the first ones, because if more messages of a certain length are written in a group chat, we will be able to display only the first parts.

Despite everything I was completely satisfied because it gives us more functionality than its predecessors and we can interact directly through the touch screen instead of moving with the keys.

Finally, we can reply ed entertain telephone conversations even with the watch. In this case I was surprised by the goodness of the audio captured by the microphone and the one returned by the system speaker. Furthermore, regarding the GPS this seems to work pretty well in the training sessions.


L'AmazFit Verge in our possession is the international variant available from Unieuro and, soon, on the official Italian store. That said, the operating system is AmazFit OS based on Android with Multilingual, including the Italian language.

Il software It's really well done, so we can monitor all our progress without the need to use the smartphone. The graphic they are beautiful and catchy and I really have nothing to criticize the work done by the company.

From the main screen you can access the quick toggle and weather with a swipe down, while with a swipe upwards we display all the notifications received. To access the main functionsinstead, you will need to drag your finger to the left. In this menu we will find:

  • Overview (shows the summary of the week with various graphics and statistics);
  • Heart rate;
  • Sports (to start training sessions);
  • Sleep;
  • Activities (shows the training activities performed and all complete and detailed statistics);
  • Telephone (to make calls from the smartwatch);
  • Music;
  • Weather;
  • Wake Up;
  • Timer;
  • Stopwatch;
  • Compass;
  • Settings.

AmazFit Verge

Speaking of the sporty side we can choose between 12 different sports (running, walking, cycling, treadmill, indoor cycling, elliptical, climbing, trial running, skiing, tennis, football and skipping) and starting a training session will activate the GPS to calculate the distance traveled and the heart rate monitor to keep the heartbeat constantly under control.

Overall I found one good accuracy both in calculation of the steps in that heartbeat measurement. In fact, I compared the results with those of a arm blood pressure monitor and the numbers are extremely similar to each other. Furthermore, we can activate the functionality of continuous measurement which, however, will inevitably reduce the autonomy of the device.

Il sleep monitoring turns out to be quite accurate, but presents a error gap about 15 minutes, because it was often very precise, while other times it was a few minutes wrong.

Speaking instead of other functions, lowering the curtain from above we will find gods quick toggle including settings, which include various menus such as connectivity, general settings (including airplane mode, do not disturb mode, vibration, brightness, watchfaces etc.), data synchronization, updates, shut down and restart, find my smartphone, notice of sedentariness and daily goals and info on the device.

Another excellent feature of the device concerns both the possibility of make a call directly from the SmartWatch that the possibility of manage music playing on your smartphone. In fact, we can change the song, pause or manage the volume.

Finally, of the notifications we talked previously and the only thing to point out is that only twice have I received double, otherwise the system works very well. Through the appropriate menu we can eliminate them individually through a swipe, or we can hold down on the display and select the item "Erase everything".


Under the body of theAmazFit Verge we find one battery da 390 mAh, which guarantees us one good autonomy. In fact, with push notifications always active, a couple of training sessions and with maximum brightness I managed to get up to 6 days of autonomy.

As for me, adding some other training session and continuous heartbeat measurement we can get anyway a minimum of 4 days and a half / 5 days, while with a more basic use it is also possible to exceed i 7 days. Not bad since we have a AMOLED display.

La recharge takes place via the cable supplied, which has a base with the magnetic pins at the end. This is definitely a great way to ensure that the smartwatch does not disconnect during the charging phase, which takes precisely about 2 hours and 30 minutes to be completed.


What do I think of this then? AmazFit Verge? Personally I have not been able to find some defects so serious as to compromise the final evaluation. It is currently the most complete device of the Chinese company, functional and useful thanks to good sensors, excellent software, a beautiful display and great autonomy.

In short, AmazFit International Verge convinces and does not disappoint expectations and, even if the price of 159 € da Unieuro it may seem exaggerated, in reality we must take into account that if we currently want to buy theAmazFit International Peace this is available on Amazon a 129 €, with the Stratos a 199 € and Beep a 79 €.