The Redmi flagship with Snapdragon 855 is officially coming soon

Not just mid-range market e low-cost: Redmi he is at work also to satisfy those who are looking for a product of high-end. After Redmi Note 7 and the imminent Pro version, CEO Lu Weibing confirmed that he is working on the first flagship company. A smartphone that will feature the Qualcomm SoC implementation Snapdragon 855, as already previously revealed from the founder of Xiaomi Lei Jun.

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The CEO of Redmi confirms the arrival of the Redmi flagship with Snapdragon 855

Following this news, there was talk of the existence of the alleged Redmi X, or the name of this high-end smartphone. According to the teaser leaked on the net, whose veracity is quite dubious, the official presentation should keep the next one 15 February. A rumor to which you go to support the photo appeared yesterday on the net, in which the future would be immortalized Xiaomi Mi 9. Some users have suggested that the paparazzato terminal may be just the Redmi flagship, but there is a small but important detail not to be missed. On the back cover of this phone you can see the Mi logo and not the Redmi one seen with the 7 Notes.

So, within a few months, the giant Xiaomi could launch well 4 top of the range: Xiaomi Mi 9 and this Redmi but also Pocophone F2 and the new one Black Shark 2. They will almost certainly all be based on Snapdragon 855, but aiming at slightly different targets. Meanwhile, Mi 9 will address general users, Poco F2 and the Redmi flagship should be designed for those who prefer to save on something, while Black Shark 2 will obviously be dedicated to gaming lovers.

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