The Nubia flexible will be at the MWC 2019, but it will not be a smartphone

Il MWC 2019 Barcelona will not only be under the banner of 5G, but also of the flexible devices. Both Huawei that OPPO will present a foldable smartphone and probably will not be the only ones. In fact, too Nubia is preparing to show important news, with a teaser posted on Facebook with a motto that reads "Flex your life"

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Nubia will show its flexible device to the MWC 2019

That Nubia would have been at the Catalan fair we already knew it, given that the same CEO Ni Fei had previously confirmed it. In this regard, he pricked his rivals Huawei and Xiaomi precisely on the concept of "folding device". Although this teaser may suggest a folding smartphone, given the trend that we will see at the MWC 2019, almost certainly there will be only Nubia?.

For those who do not know it, it is one flexible smartwatch that we got to see in an XFA-certified IFA case. Therefore we hope that in Barcelona the watch is ready to be tested more closely.

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