Huawei: Germany wants "guarantees" to allow access to the national 5G


After a few weeks of silence we return to speak of the destiny of Huawei in Germany, regarding access to calls for infrastructure related to 5G. The Merkel administration would try to tighten up the security requirements so as to cut out the Asian company (for security reasons, obviously linked to the US question e not only).

Huawei: in Germany there is a "big debate" about the security issue


More specifically, rumors say that the US government would get in touch with the allies in order to push the various countries to "boycott" Huawei regarding the use of infrastructure and hardware of the Chinese brand. However, recent statements by the Chancellor Merkel they seem to suggest that the Germany be open to dialogue.

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During a visit to Japan, during a meeting held with the students of the Keio University of Tokyo, the German chancellor confirmed that the country is grappling with a great "debate". The latter concerns its own Huawei and Merkel claimed to need guarantees that the technological giant does not provide sensitive data to the Chinese government. Obviously he also specified that this warning applies not only to Huawei but also to all foreign companies working in Germany.

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Safety e privacy they are fundamental and come first of all, he said. So the debate is still open and it seems that even the US is part of it; however, it seems that the German government has not opted for total closure, giving the company the opportunity to retaliate.

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