After the great success of last year with theHonor 9 Lite, the Chinese company intends to replicate the same numbers with the launch of its successor, or theHonor 10 Lite, which has been completely renewed from the point of view of design and also sees the introduction of artificial intelligence. How did it behave during our tests? Let's find out together in the full review!

Honor 10 Lite review


The sales package is in full style Honor since we have a blue box with the name of the product shown on the front profile. Inside we find the following equipment:

  • Honor 10 Lite;
  • wall-mounted power supply with European socket and standard recharge;
  • USB charging cable - Micro USB;
  • pin for the SIM slot;
  • instruction manual.

Design and construction

Compared to the previous generation the design it was totally renewedin fact we have one back cover with gradient coloring which goes from gray to blue. As if it were not enough frontally there is an even wider display and with notch to drop, while the side frame is more blunt and up, which guarantees an even better ergonomics.

Honor 10 Lite

One-handed use is therefore facilitated by this aspect and by the general dimensions that are of 154.8 x 73.64 x 7.95 millimeters for a weight of suns 162 grams.

Honor 10 Lite

I materials used, however, are those that convince me a little 'less, because, although it looks like glass, the back cover is made of plastic. Obviously we are talking about the low end, but the body holds back too many fingerprints and if you have a little dirty hands this will tend to be slippery.

Honor 10 Lite

On the right side we find the volume rocker with the power button unlike the opposite one that is completely empty, this because the SIM slot (dual SIM or SIM + microSD) is located on the upper profile next to the microphone for the reduction of environmental noise .

Here I want to do one little criticism, as the two are practically attacked and it can happen that distractly you insert the pin for the SIM slot inside the microphone, going in fact to ruin.

Below there is the main microphone, the Micro USB input, the mini-jack input and the system speaker. On the front profile you can see the earpiece capsule, the camera for selfies inside the drip notch, the brightness and proximity sensor and, at the bottom, the notification LED, while on the back we find only the dual camera with LED flash and the fingerprint sensor.


L'Honor 10 Lite has a display from 6.21 inches diagonal with resolution Full HD + (2340 x 1080 pixels), relationship 19.5:9 and density of PPI 415.

Honor 10 Lite

Compared to its predecessor, the diagonal of the display has been increased significantly and we can also note the introduction of the small notch to drop, which can still be hidden via the settings.

In general, however, the panel quality è good thanks to a good definition and beautiful colors, which have a good yield despite slightly tend to a cold temperature. In my opinion we have a better color range than the Huawei P Smart 2019, but we will talk about this in a special comparison.

Good automatic brightness management, while I would have preferred one maximum maximum brightness because visibility is reduced under direct sunlight. Finally, if you want to calibrate the colors of the display you can do it in the appropriate menu in the settings. From here you can also activate the eye protection mode, manage the screen resolution and change the text size.

Hardware and Performance

Under the body of theHonor 10 Lite we find a solution produced in-house by Huawei for the medium-low range, which is a chipset Kirin HiSilicon 710, which is inclusive of a processor octa-core with a maximum clock frequency of 2.2 GHz, ARM GPU Mali-G51 (with support to GPU Turbo), 3 GB di RAM e 64 GB di internal memory expandable via microSD.

The hardware available obviously does not allow us to make gaming pushed to maximum resolution or manage many processes at the same time, but it is more than enough for theuse of social and for more casual games like Clash Royale o Subway Surfers. THE 3 GB di RAM made available begin to stay a little tight and already put a cut of memories from 4 / 64 GB it would have changed the final evaluation.

The opening of the app is not instantaneous, but you are still able to complete all the required operations without lag or various setbacks. For what concern Gaming with heavier titles like PUBG, by default these are executed with average details and we did not find frame drops so obvious as to compromise playability.


L'Honor 10 Lite owns one dual chamber with sensors from 13 mega-pixels with opening f / 1.8 and 2 mega-pixels for the depth of field with aperture f / 2.4 flanked by a single flash LED, digital stabilizer and autofocus PDAF. Furthermore, compared toHonor 9 Lite let's finally see the introduction ofartificial intelligence in the camera.

Honor 10 Lite

Taking into account its price range, I must say that in good light conditions the shots convinced me, as characterized by a discrete definition (albeit cropped photos, note the grain) and a good bokeh in the macro. THE colors I'm just like that good although sometimes they tend to be slightly too saturated.

Using theartificial intelligence, the smartphone will automatically understand the framed scene and adapt the parameters accordingly. However, I have not seen big changes in general with the normal mode, if not a Most pronounced HDR and more saturated colors. Despite some times the effect returned is a bit 'too surreal, I must say that I do not mind at all, especially for sharing on social media. Good finally the portrait mode that manages to cut out well the subject framed.

In night the situation changes and artificial intelligence can do well poco, as the digital noise it is evident and it is difficult to take photos far beyond sufficiency. Let's say that they can be good shots always for sharing on social networks, but in the absence of light or with little artificial light we are not there.

On the other hand, on the other hand, there is a sensor from 24 mega-pixels who managed to really give me some nice satisfactions in daytime, thanks to a surprising quality. I repeat here too, cropping the photo you can still see one light grain, but for its price range I think it is one of the best. As far as colors and artificial intelligence are concerned, what has been said above is moreover, the positive aspect of this smartphone is that we can decide even after taking the picture if activate or disable the AI.

In night digital noise is present and the photos go down as far as quality is concerned. Furthermore, we should keep the firm hand if we do not want to have micromossi shots.

I video they can be registered up to a maximum resolution of Full HD a 60 fps and the quality reflects that of the photographic sector. Autofocus is not a sliver, but it is normal in the band around the euro 200, while digital stabilization is on the edge of sufficiency.


The audio output from the lower speaker of theHonor 10 Lite è powerful enough, but the higher and medium frequencies are preferred to the detriment of the low frequencies, while for the microphone it seems that the audio is captured a little low. No problem, however, with the headset and listening with headphones that, inter alia, reproduces the frequencies more faithfully.


L'Honor 10 Lite has a connectivity Dual SIM with support toLTE Cat.12 but that, unfortunately, stops at 4G. In some situations it is possible to notice the difference with smartphones of the same price range that support the 4G +. Do not get me wrong, the reception is still very good, but it is a detail that must be calculated in the final evaluation.

In the same way, the Wi-Fi is not dual band, but only on a single band, while satellite navigation is very good GPS / A-GPS / GLONASS / Beidou, Bluetooth 4.2 and excellent presence ofNFC which is not always obvious on low-end devices, as well as the FM radio.

As regards the fingerprint sensor this is not lightning but it really is very precisein fact, we can say that about 9 times on 10 the device is successfully unlocked. Furthermore, we also find the facial recognition that in daytime it works very well. In reality, even at night it is equally effective as long as you have set the brightness of the beyond the 40 / 50%, otherwise the recognition of the face will take a fraction of a second longer, but nothing really critical.


On board theHonor 10 Lite are Android 9 Pie with personalized interface EMUI 9.0.1 and security patches updated to 1 November 2018.

Il work è fluid and we have not encountered any kind of bugs, obviously the hardware does not allow us to perform too many energizing actions at the same time, but for the classic daily operations you will not encounter any problems. For the rest theEMUI we know her very well, she has several personalizations including the always useful digital management, which will help us to regularize the time of use of the smartphone and to limit the hours per day.


L'Honor 10 Lite owns a battery from 3400 mAh, which he did not impress me especially unlike other sectors. Very often it is still possible to arrive at dinner time, but at times I found myself limiting the use of the smartphone to get there.

Indeed, with intense use they are able to cover as much as possible 3 hours and 30 minutes of active display and medium this week we wait around 3 hours and minutes 15.

Finally, the recharge using the supplied power supply (with standard charging) uses around 2 hours to bring the smartphone to 100%.


L'Honor 10 Lite is sold on the official store at the price of 239 € and in bundle you will also find a selfie stick weblog Honorwhile on The Amazon it will be possible to find it at approx 215 €.

For the price at which this smartphone is sold we manage to have some balanced performances it's a camera which, in some situations, is placed between the better than its band, without calculating then the beautiful design that characterizes it and identifies it among many (at least for the back cover).

However, i do not miss them defects such as Wi-Fi single band, lack of support of 4G + or still theautonomy which for the moment does not convince very much. However in the next days we will bring you the comparison with the Huawei P Smart 2019 to understand what the best buy under the euro 250 and which is more convenient for quality / price ratio!