Xiaomi launches ShareSave, the app for buying products outside of China

The expansion of Xiaomi continues to boast, to the delight of all fans of the much-loved brand. If the official arrival of the company in Europe is not enough, from today it is available Sharesave, the app forpurchase of products belonging toXiaomi ecosystem. But the real goal of this platform is to give way too to users outside of China to be able to come into contact with these products, often and exclusively for the mother country.

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ShareSave is the app for the purchase of Xiaomi products outside of China

sharesave xiaomi

ShareSave will surely be convenient to all those who do not vivono near a Mi Store or, even worse, vivono in a country where Xiaomi is not officially present. In addition to giving the opportunity to buy products that otherwise would not be available, there are 3 payment methods that aim to provide discounted prices.

The first is called Pair-up and consists of buying a device with a friend, thus obtaining a discount for both. If instead you are in more people, with Drop you can get a 100% discount by adding enough people to the buying group. Finally, with KICK-STARTER you can only contribute with 0.2 $, as if it were a real crowdfunding, to support a product and have up to 10 times the expected reward.

For the moment ShareSave is available on the Google Play Store, but it is not yet active in Italy (for now there is only in India). In fact, trying to download it, there is no compatible device among those in our possession. We will not fail to keep you updated on this.

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