Xiaomi Mi A2: bootloop problems after the January update

review xiaomi mi a2

Various users of Reddit (and other forums) are reporting an annoying bootloop problem for their own Xiaomi Mi A2, as a result of the last update.

Xiaomi Mi A2: Some users have stumbled on a bootloop problem since the last update!

review xiaomi mi a2

The new update of the Xiaomi Mi A2 - the last one Android One of the Chinese manufacturer - arrived with updated security patches per month January 2019 but some unfortunate users were faced with a nasty surprise.

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The affected devices can not start the operating system, remaining blocked in the start-up procedure (bootloop, in fact). For the moment there are no more details even if it is legitimate to imagine that the most savvy users in modding are able to solve the problem.

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However it seems that Xiaomi has not yet issued a statement and awaits clarification. Have you managed to update your smartphone? Did you encounter any problems or everything went smoothly?

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