Xiaomi introduces a dark theme for AMOLED displays with the MIUI 10 Global Beta 9.1.10

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After jumped a week, for the next few hours we await the release of the MIUI 10 Global Beta 9.1.10, first release of the 2019. And on the web a very curious image has appeared, which announces a feature dedicated to Xiaomi equipped with display AMOLED.

Xiaomi: AMOLED displays receive a welcome gift with the MIUI 10 Global Beta 9.1.10

xiaomi miui 10 global beta 9.1.10

Among these we find the latest ones Xiaomi Mi MIX 3, My 8, Mi 8 SE and it seems that their owners can receive a welcome gift. The version closed in Casa del MIUI 10 Global Beta 9.1.10 introduced a dark theme dedicated to devices equipped with displays AMOLED. At the moment it is not clear if this new mode will also come in the release public or if it will be implemented later for all beta users.

The fact is that it is a pretty good surprise, which will save battery (detail confirmed even by Google not long ago). Now it remains only to see what the next beta update will reserve us once it is released. What do you think of this functionality? Do you find it useful?

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