Redmi Note 7 is waterproof: Lei Jun's word

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Not only is it particularly shockproof, but Redmi Note 7 and also waterproof. Or at least that's what he tells us Lei Jun, founder of Xiaomi, with a post on his Weibo profile. Announced in the past few hours, the first smartphone of the newborn brand promises to be well realized qualitatively. Without considering the datasheet complete with a 48 mega-pixel camera: you saw how it snaps?

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Redmi Note 7 has a waterproof design, but do not throw it in the water

note 7 notes

This image shows us the Redmi Note 7 stripped, revealing those that are true anti-liquid protections, both internal and for the SIM / microSD slot. Practically the same as we would find on another IPXX certified phone. Yes, because the Redmi smartphone does not have any certification, although there may be a very specific reason. And this would be the cost, given that certifying a terminal means increasing its costs and, consequently, the price.

And since the warranty is often ambiguous when it comes to repairing smartphones damaged by immersion in water, Redmi may have opted for this choice. A type of choice that, among other things, was adopted also from OnePlus for some time now. Obviously we do not invite you to throw it in the tank or take it to the sea, but probably a small dive will not cause damage. At least that's what we hope: in doubt, you do not do it intentionally.

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