The market continues to grow robot vacuum cleaner, especially on the eastern territory. Taking a look at the most important e-commerce sites, in fact, it is possible to see many different solutions, for each price range. It is for this reason that many companies provide to expand their line-up of products related to home automation, introducing in these catalogs also these devices for cleaning the house.

Viomi, a subsidiary of Xiaomi, decided to take the field with its own robot, the VXRS01. Despite being in close contact with a much more well-known business reality, he still wanted to maintain a certain identity in the construction of this product. From another point of view, it has had to renounce, however, the implementation of some premium features, which have significantly lowered production costs. Will it really be worth saving money, preferring this Viomi to other higher-end products?

Viomi VXRS01 review


The sales package is quite voluminous, hosting inside:

  • Viomi Robot Vacuum Cleaner VXRS01;
  • charging base;
  • four total brushes, two of which are spare;
  • water container;
  • two dirt filters;
  • two rags of fabric;
  • wall-mounted power supply with European socket;
  • remote controller;
  • short instruction manuals.

Design & build quality

From the constructive point of view it is not possible to find real defects in this product, because the plastic external seems to be of good quality. Despite having suffered some blow, due to the impact of the objects being cleaned, the structure of the robot proved to be solid and free of dents.

Viomi VXRS01

The minimal design is very close to that proposed, for example, by the same Xiaomi, although the lines have been completely revised. On this model we find, in fact, a LED display in the upper part, which indicates all the most important information regarding the time, the program set, the speed of the robot and others. Poco further down there is space, then, a key physical thanks to which start / stop the automatic cleaning sequence. Previously we find a cushioned part, which always undergoes several strokes, on top of which a infrared sensor in recognition of frontal obstacles. This component, which also contains several other sensors, is protected by an imposing language of rubber a few centimeters thick.

The central door houses the vano is preferably used for dust collection, with capacity for 350ml. This tray can be removed very easily, as it is necessary to periodically remove the dirt accumulated inside it.

Viomi VXRS01

Viomi VXRS01 presents a circular structure that consists of 310 millimeters in diameter and well 7.8 millimeters thick, with weight only 2.35 kilograms. This circumference can accommodate, on the lower profile, two brushes for dust collection, as well as three drop sensors, two rubber wheels, the front trolley, the battery compartment, two metal plates for charging through the docking station and the central hole for the backwash of dust.

Laterally we have one grid for the escape of hot air, a On / off button and charging hole direct robot via power supply.


We pay attention to technical specifications of the product, before actually proceeding to analyze its operation. The main features are:

  • Collecting capacity: 350 ml;
  • Suction power: 1200 pa;
  • Motor power: 20 W;
  • Battery: 2000 mAh;
  • Noise level: approximately 60 dB.

How to use

The Viomi robot vacuum cleaner does not provide us with a user experience at 360 °. The motivation of this sentence lies in the fact that the relative application for smartphones, unavailable on the Play Store, it is not translated into any foreign language. Personally I could not make the pairing with the product, although the screens are very similar to those on the Xiaomi app (We Home).

All responsibility for the operation of this product falls on the remote control supplied in pack, thanks to which to manage every aspect. Once insert the two batteries AAA (not present in the sales box) you can turn on the robot by clicking on the button POWER.

Viomi VXRS01

Besides this you can, however, manage many other parameters. Pressing on POWERFULfor example, you will cut the execution speed of your vacuum cleaner by half, which will immediately return to the previous settings with a further click. The central ring on which the 4 directional arrows are clearly visible, allows you to move the robot inside the room as you like. Using the key instead CAR an absolutely automatic cleaning session will start. At the end of the operations, the device returns to its recharging base, placed on the ground. It is good to keep in mind that, in case the battery reach the 30%, the robot will automatically return to the docking station, until the completion of a complete charging cycle.

There is the possibility of setting, however, a timer and also a particular type of function that produces a circular movement of the machine, by clicking on the button SPOT. In case you want to use the damp cloth, instead, you will have to select MOP. With this last mode, in fact, the two brushes will turn off, washing the floor gradually.


Viomi VXRS01 has a quite limited suction power. His 1200 pa in fact, they allow him to eliminate all surface dirt with relative effectiveness, without going further. The two side rotating brushes collect a good amount of dust along the sides, but they can not reach the narrowest edges in depth.

I movements followed by the robot follow a fairly precise pattern. Occasionally the chosen pattern, however, becomes more confusing and disordered. In general, however, the device tends to clean the entire central part of the room, with zigzag movements, and then better refine the entire perimeter. Unfortunately, the absence of the application did not allow me to verify the effective coverage of the entire surface. In any case, about the80% of the whole room is properly inspected.

Viomi VXRS01

The upper tower, as well as all the infrared sensors placed on the front bar, allow you to feel the presence of obstacles in front of your path, preventing the robot from colliding violently with the latter. Generally, objects are easily circumvented, although the narrower ones require more and more time. In case there are slight obstacles it will be easy to see the car crashing on them, before taking the measurements at the next passage.

This robot has some difference in level sensors that allow him to always remain on the same level. In case there is a step between one room and another, however, you must pay more attention. Viomi VXSR01 manages to overcome, like many other high-end products, the smaller differences in level. However, if you run into a more difficult obstacle in terms of height, you could easily find it blocked at that point.

The system that manages the operations does not reveal any difficulty in passing under some obstacles, untangling well even in the narrowest spaces.


Viomi VXRS01 is equipped with a battery from 2000 mAh, which never exceeds the 100 minutes of use. Using the robot at the maximum speed allowed, I recorded this performance:

  • Operation phase in automatic mode: 17.55 start of work. 19.20 fine cleaning. About 70 m² covered by the robot.

La recharge complete has begun, with the appropriate charging base on the ground, at 19.22 to finish at 22.50. THE'power pack present in the package is a unit with European socket and 15V, 0.6A output. From this point of view, therefore, we are not on good levels, above all because the charging times are slightly long. If you have a large area to clean, this may be a problem.


Viomi VXRS01 is currently available on Gearbest a less than 200 euros.

The price requested for this unit is in line with other competitors in the same market range, also providing a comfortable through which to manage the system. The performance they are not, however, at the level of products much more expensive, being useful especially for those who want to find a fairly clean home on returning from work. For those who had a very large square footage, however, this robot could not be enough.

Compared to the highest carat products it does not have aapplication with which to interface daily. This aspect (ed) applies only to us Europeans at the moment. Moreover, the intelligence of which it is composed is not as refined as one would expect, equally reporting a fair result.

Despite being under the direct control of a technology giant, it remains a few steps behind the robots proposed by Xiaomi, which also have doubly higher prices. However, if you have a home that is not too big and want to experience these terminals, the Viomi VXRS01 could be for you.