In the chaos of tablets and convertibles on the market, Chuwi Hi10 Air looks like a device 2-in-1 inexpensive based on Windows 10. As often happens, this variant includes only the tablet part, so without keyboard and nib, sold separately. Let's find out how he behaved and whether it makes sense to be bought individually or not in this review.

Chuwi Hi10 Air Review


Inside the package we find the following equipment:

  • Chuwi Hi10 Air;
  • USB / microUSB cable;
  • 5V 3A power supply;
  • Manuals.


Design and construction quality

Chuwi brings a device to the market built very well: the frame is in aluminum with a tapering on the edge that creates a nice contrast between opaque and glossy. It resists scratches, then: after having put it in the backpack for several days with other objects it was not damaged in the slightest. The dimensions are of 262 x 167 x 9 mm and has a weight of 522 g, values ​​that make this device difficult to use in different contexts: we recommend purchasing the keyboard for a better control and experience. On the frame we find the unlock button and the volume rocker, while on the front there is the Windows logo that hides a soft touch button to bring up the Start menu window.



The display is from 10.1 inches, with technology IPS Full Lamination that allows you not to have that bad feeling of the screen away from the glass. Good viewing angles, excellent brightness even if used outdoors, sin only for the shallow blacks and tending to gray. The resolution is of 1920 1200 pixels x and a good density of PPI 224, satisfying for watching a movie. However, the glass is the result little oleophobic and reflective, but fortunately the excellent brightness can compensate for this last defect.


Hardware and software

Performance is the real weak point of this device: the processor is a Intel Cherry Trail x5 Z8350 with maximum clock ad 1.92 GHz. The frequencies are always erratic even without having started applications and can not manage Windows 10 well. In addition to the processor, the memories are not particularly fast, either i 64 GB storage in eMMC format, both i 4 GB of RAM LP-DDR3L. The operations allowed are really basic: Web browsing, Office suite, Netflix and little else. I tried some programs in the Adobe suite but the experience is to be rejected.

There is no problem with thermal throttling, since the processor is very conservative: I have never exceeded them 80 ° C negli stress test, even if I could not use programs like Cinebench because the device could not complete the test (I'm based on exports and rendering). Speak about Gaming it would seem absurd but in reality, with a lot of patience, I managed to play Asphalt 9 after about 2 minutes and a half wait. The GPU is the Intel HD Graphics 400 eighth generation, valid for the category, but forget to play challenging titles. The operating system is Windows 10 as previously mentioned and no third-party software has been added.


Photo / video quality

The cameras are invaleable, practically not to be considered. Both the front and the rear click to 2 mega-pixels with a low quality in any brightness condition. The situation does not improve for videos recorded in 1080p, with grainy clips and a very low frame-rate.

Audio and connectivity

 The stereo speaker there are two but the quality is very disappointing: the sound is very metallic and croaking despite the maximum volume is low. From the point of view of connectivity the Wi-Fi b / g / n it has poor coverage and speed is not surprising. The device It is firm to the version 4.0, a signal that we wanted to save considerably. Good available ports, including one microUSB, a USB Type-C, the exit mini HDMI, the entrance mini-jack and the slot microSD to expand storage up to a maximum of 128 GB.



Concerned by the processor, in reality autonomy is among the best aspects of this device. The capacity of the battery is 6500 mAh which, together with a little energetic processor, leads you to conclude an intensive day made of web browsing, YouTube, Netflix (about 1 now each) reaching the 19: 00. Using it as a "living room" terminal, it surprised me very low consumption in stand-by and you can find it again after several days with almost the same charge. The power supply is from 5A 3A and it takes roughly 90 minutes to fully charge the device.



Despite Windows 10 is in my opinion the best choice for tablets and 2-in-1, in this case opt for Android would probably have been a better solution. The hardware integrated on this device is not able to manage well an operating system like that of Microsoft. Too bad, because the construction was excellent, the display has a good quality and could therefore have a viable alternative to much more expensive products. The price is between the 150-200 € but we must add roughly 50€ for the keyboard that we consider obligatory.


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