OnePlus 7 will be completely full screen: here it is in photo | Leak

Oneplus 7

A new leak could have revealed the design of it in advance OnePlus 7. Name aside, which may not be this (due to the Chinese superstition), the future flagship killer could be totally full screen. No notch, notches or cameras in the display, therefore, with a full-face front panel. Or at least this is what is apparent from the photo leaked on Twitter.

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OnePlus 7 totally full screen: first leaked photos

In this image, coming from China, we see the alleged OnePlus 7 alongside the current one OnePlus 6T. The latter has the already seen notch drop (do not call it gotch, please), while the other device is free from any interruption. Moreover, it would seem that the latter we have a larger display, although unfortunately in the photo the lower half is missing. Obviously it could be a good and good fake, with a modified image ad hoc. Or it could be another phone, like Xiaomi Mi MIX 3 o Honor Magic 2, with mounted OxygenOS (or even just a screenshot).

However, for the moment we can not know anything else: that OnePlus 7 may it be one smartphone with slider? Personally I doubt it, even if "never say never". At present we only know that the smartphone should have some portentous UFS 3.0 memories.

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