Huawei launches the NanoSD: are they more or less fast than the MicroSD?

huawei nanosd

With the launch of the range Huawei Mate 20 technology has been announced NanoSD, or the evolution of the current MicroSD standard. In order to keep the smartphones more compact, this memory card can be housed in a normal one NanoSIM slot, smaller than the MicroSD one. And since you can already buy them on Amazon, how do they behave? Are they more or less performing than the previous standard?

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Huawei's NanoSDs are already on the market: but how do they behave?

The Russian portal shows how its performance is HiTech, whose benchmarks show values ​​practically similar to those obtained with a MicroSD. The protocol used eMMC 4.5 with class speed UHS-I U3 promise peak speed of 90 MB / s in reading. According to the tests performed, a file from 6.7 GB employs 93 seconds, with a write speed of 72 MB / s, reaching a maximum of 74 MB / s under other circumstances. Nothing revolutionary on the performance side, therefore, but on the other hand their purpose is solely to be more compact.

huawei nanosd

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