Huawei and Honor will launch their smart TV in the 2019

honor smart tv

After reaching excellent sales results in the smartphone sector, the binomial Huawei ed Honor get ready to enter the one of the Smart TV. For some years Xiaomi has conquered a good market share in this category of products, which will also include OnePlus, albeit late compared to what was budgeted. On the contrary, during this 2019 we should already see the first Huawei / Honor models, sooner than you might think.

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After OnePlus, Huawei and Honor will also launch in the smart TV market

oneplus tv

It should be the month of April 2019in fact, what he will see Honor debut in the world of smart TV. And also this new product will follow the cardinal philosophy of the brand, proposing itself with a more affordable price and for sale only online. Regarding Huaweiinstead, it will be necessary to wait a little longer, since the launch should take place during the second half of the 2019.

In both cases, however, the diagonal of the smart TV will start from 65 thumbs up, even if in the case of Huawei the prices to be proposed will fall in the medium / high range of the market. The report indicates a team composed of 200 / 300 people at work on the new TV division, whose goal would also be to convey 4K and 8K contents. This type of content will grow with the passing of the years, thanks also to the 5G infrastructures that will allow its diffusion. And since Huawei is one of the leading companies in 5G networks, the circle closes.

But not only: Huawei would also be working on a ecosystem of home automation devices, which would also be controlled by smart TV as a sort of main home hub.

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