Since the launch of the Chuwi Hi9 Plus LTE it has made a lot of headlines thanks to a decidedly competitive price in relation to its technical specifications. Apart from this, the new device from the Chinese company is also available in the variant 2-in-1, which includes one magnetic keyboard and stylus pen. Fortunately we had the opportunity to try it for several weeks and we are ready to tell you about the experience of use in our review!

Chuwi Hi9 Plus LTE Review


The sales package is made of hardcover and is in full Chuwi style. Inside we find the following equipment:

  • Chuwi Hi9 Plus;
  • wall power supply with European plug and 5V = 2A output;
  • USB data transfer cable - USB Type-C.

The keyboard and the stylus are not included in the package because they usually need to be purchased separately. However, these can also be sold together as "2-in-1 package".

Construction and design

Il design of this Chuwi Hi9 Plus LTE It is not innovative but, despite the price range, in the black color turns out to be quite elegant. The back cover is made of aluminum of medium workmanship, which retains a few too many fingerprints. Despite this, overall the structure appears to be solid and without assembly defects.

Chuwi Hi9 Plus LTE

La portability it is good because once inserted into the backpack you will not feel it weighing on your back at all. Using it with one hand, however, after a while you will feel the weight, but personally I have always held it with the keyboard attached, which also acts as a stand. To be more precise, the dimensions of the Chuwi Hi9 Plus LTE I'm from 266.2 x 177 x 8.1 millimeters for a weight of approx 500 grams.

Chuwi Hi9 Plus LTE

On the upper profile we find the USB Type-C input, the mini-jack input and the dual SIM/SIM + microSD slot, unlike the lower one which appears to be totally empty. On the right side there is the volume rocker with the power button, while the left is characterized by the magnetic pins for attaching the keyboard.

The two system speakers reside with the main camera and frontally we find only the selfie camera with the brightness and proximity sensors.

Chuwi Hi9 Plus LTE

La keyboard it sticks very easily to the tablet and manages to remain firmly. The layout è US, but I must say that being used to the various Chinese laptops did not give me any trouble or problem. Obviously those who have never had experiences with a similar keyboard will have to get used to it, but otherwise this is definitely comfortable, spacious and with a good stroke of the keys. In short, doing better at this price would have been really difficult.

With regard to the peninstead, this necessity of one AAAA battery in order to work. The construction is good and returns a premium feeling.



Il Chuwi Hi9 Plus LTE has a display IPS da 10.8 inches diagonal with resolution 2.5K (2560 x 1600 pixels), PPI 280 and curved type glass 2.5D.

Chuwi Hi9 Plus LTE

I must say that this unit has pleasantly surprised me in terms of definition e chromatic representation, as the colors are vivid and saturated just right. However, if you are not satisfied you can always make changes within the settings.

What instead made me turn up his nose was the touch screen, because using just the fingers it seems that the panel almost face resistance, causing a slight delay. Using the stylus, however, the use of the tablet appears to be more Quick and reactive. Even in this case, however, I noticed that sometimes some small touch in web browsing is not perceived properly, forcing us to use your fingers.

Continuing to talk about the pen, this can be useful for writing two notes on the fly, as it is not able to be used to make drawings or precision work.

Chuwi Hi9 Plus LTE

Hardware and performance

Under the body of the Chuwi Hi9 Plus LTE we find a chipset MediaTek MTK6797X, Better known as Helio X27, which is inclusive of a processor deca-core with a maximum clock frequency of 2.6 GHz, GPU ARM Mali-T880, 4 GB di RAM LPDDR3 e 64 GB di internal memory eMMC 5.1 expandable via microSD to 128 GB.

We certainly don't have the fastest memories on board nor a super streamlined software (despite it being practically stock), but daily use with this tablet easily exceeds sufficiency. In fact, while browsing the web or switching between the various apps open in the background I did not encounter any type of bug or various glitches. This makes the Chuwi Hi9 Plus LTE a perfect device for traveling productivity.

In fact, several times I took it out of the house with me to answer some emails or to edit some written reviews on WordPress or to change settings via YouTube Studio.

With regard to the GPU this behaves well with casual games and that require less computing power, for example Subway Surfers o Clash Royale, while with heavier titles like PUBG the tablet is more difficult and it will be necessary to set the details to the minimum so that the playback happens smoothly.


Posteriorly the Chuwi Hi9 Plus LTE It is equipped with a camera from 8 mega-pixels without LED flash. If we have seen good performances in the other sectors, we have to go back down to earth with the camera. Because performance is related exactly to its price range and type of product.

Chuwi Hi9 Plus LTE

In fact, in conditions of good brightness the quality is still low with shots characterized by a discrete digital noise and a management of the lights under the sufficiency. In short, this is a tablet that can perform good office actions, such as taking pictures of documents or making video calls, but we can not expect more.

On the front we have another camera from 8 mega-pixels which behaves exactly the same way.


I two speakers of the Chuwi Hi9 Plus LTE they are positioned on the back cover, so we will not have a totally immersive audio for watching multimedia contents, but all in all, the volume is sufficiently high. However, the balance of frequencies tends to favor the most alti and average at the expense of the bass, which are poco perceptible. Finally, the audio captured by the system microphone is good.


Il Chuwi Hi9 Plus LTE supports Dual SIM with LTE Cat.6 and during these trial days the reception proved to be sufficient, as well as the Wi-Fi a / b / g / n / ac Dual Band. For the rest we find the Bluetooth 4.1, GPS / A-GPS / GLONASS, support forOTG, entrance USB Type-C 2.0 e FM radio.

Generally speaking, I did not have any connectivity problems, because even the connection with headphones Bluetooth 5.0 it proved to be fast and without problems of audio latency.


Il Chuwi Hi9 Plus LTE is based on Android 8.0 Oreo with security patches updated to June 2018 and interface practically stock, apart from some customizations such as DuraSpeed or FileManager.

This isn't perfectly optimized and at times it feels a little slow, but overall it's a speed issue in the animations, as I didn't encounter any bugs or stutters of any kind. Daily use is pleasant and you can work even with multiple applications open in the background.


Il Chuwi Hi9 Plus owns a battery from 7000 mAh, which allows us to obtain one good autonomy. In fact, with use medium / heavy it is possible to reach also 1 day and a half of autonomy, while with intense gaming combined with benchmarking and video viewing you can almost get to dinner time 5 hours of active screen.

La recharge through the supplied power supply it is not very fast and takes approx 2 hours in order to pass from 0 to 100%.


Despite the Chuwi Hi9 Plus is not a perfect tablet I must say that I found myself quite well in these weeks of testing, as I could use it outside the home as an alternative to my laptop for basic jobs. So let's talk about Email, Ltd., management of social networks e YouTube. These operations were facilitated precisely by the presence of the keyboard and stylus pen, without which my assessment would have been different.

In fact, this is a more suitable product than the productivity that the Gaming and at the price at which it was sold on Amazon it's hard to find better. To bring it home will be necessary 237 €, a more than honest figure for a product that compared to other competitors in the same price range can boast of a LTE module and a greater versatility.