Censorship in China: serious trouble for those who criticize the government on Twitter

China flag

According to a report by New York Times, the crackdown on the Chinese government has tightened further with regard to and social network. This time in the crosshairs of would be Twitter, or rather a group of "dissidents" ended up in the hands of law enforcement.

Yet another case of censorship in China, this time against Twitter users


If you're wondering, yes, it's another case of censorship in China. Chinese police forces arrested and questioned 9 citizens accused of twisting criticism against the government. According to the interviewees of the famous magazine, in at least one case there would have been one detention of well- 15 days while another user would be questioned for about 8 hours tied to a chair.

In China banned the word "Disney" (and many others)

In short, normal administration. According to a first reconstruction, the "indicted" would be ordered to cancel the posts indicted on Twitter. Following their refusal, the action of the police would then be taken. Furthermore, the profile of human rights activist Wang Aizhong would have been cleaned up without the owner's consent, unofficially because of the government hackers.

At the moment there is no declaration either from Twitter or from the Chinese embassy in the USA, asked about the matter.

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