A growing number of people pay more attention to their body, not only from an aesthetic point of view. In fact, there are several household tools able to estimate the state of health of an individual, analyzing a series of fairly detailed data. These products do not refer to the most common scales, implementing within them very different systems.

YunmaiFor example, it is one of those companies that is committed to innovation and, not surprisingly, represents one of the many brands directly promoted by Xiaomi. The object that we analyze in this review is, in fact, the smart scale called Yunmai mini, which thanks to connectivity Bluetooth 4.0 allows you to offer a very interesting set of information.

Yunmai mini review


The sales package of this product is made entirely of rigid cardboard. Inside we find:

  • Yunmai mini;
  • instruction manual in Chinese;
  • warranty card.

On the official website they also guarantee the presence of 4 batteries (AAA), to power the scale.

Design and materials

The Yunmai mini is made almost completely in plastic, proposing itself as an equally solid and compact object. The covered surface is really contained, resulting discreet in any environment. The dimensions they are, in fact, of 260 x 260 x 19 mm thick, with a weight di 1 kg. The colors available are 4, being able to choose between white, red, green and blue.

Yunmai mini

In the upper part the 4 silver circumferences are clearly visible, which represent the contact surfaces through which the scale is able to obtain some data. At the top, instead, the space is found LED display da 3.3". The company logo is on the lower profile.

Turning the product 180 °, you can appreciate 4 rubberized feet, placed in the corners, which hold the structure firmly on the ground. You can also centrally note a housing, which contains the 4 battery of AAA type.

Yunmai mini

The structure turns out to be solid, presenting inside it a metal core able to support up to a maximum of 250 kg. The various measurementsHowever, they are allowed by a minimum of 3 kg to a maximum of 180 kg.

Yunmai mini


The product has a very simple and intuitive operation. The user will have the possibility, in fact, to use this scale even without synchronization with his smartphone. Once you put your feet on its surface, the device will detect the body weight, showing it on the relative display. It would be really a pity, however, not to exploit its full potential, denying the opportunity to move to a more complete health monitoring. This product is able, in fact, to restitute physical values ​​concerning, in addition to body weight, also themass index (BMI), the BMR, bone mass, visceral mass, muscle, protein level, amount of water present in the body and a age estimate physics.

Yunmai mini

This type of information derives from the operation of the scale itself. The Yunmai mini performs, in fact, aanalysis of bioelectrical impedance. Without going into terms of overly scientific terms, this definition means that when an individual climbs onto a scale of this type, there are electrodes that send a low-intensity electrical discharge throughout the body. This energy passes through the body, transported by water and other fluids, returning the above data in a very short time. As is also specified on the official website of the company, however, there are obvious tolerances. Therefore, you can not have the absolute certainty of the reported value, constituting more than one pixy of what we could actually get inside a more equipped medical office.


The display implemented on the scale does not report any specific data, except for body weight and actual connection Bluetooth with a device nearby. All other data, which we have already talked about, can be viewed onapplication official of Yunmai, free download from Play Store. The Italian language is not present, but it is not at all complicated to extricate oneself in the internal menus with a very basic knowledge of English.

Yunmai mini

The Yunmai app is well managed, making it really simple and intuitive. Once downloaded, no initial configuration will be required. The system will propose you, however, to create a first one Profile, to which others can be added later. The requested information is the sex, current weight, L 'different height:, degree of kinship and date of birth.

The scale automatically connects to your smartphone every time you open the application, being able to carry out your daily weigh almost instantly. For various reasons related to the operation of the device, it is preferable to climb on the scale completely naked or, at least, without socks. The system can meet, in fact, some difficulties in the detection of all the vital parameters, showing on the device a message that will warn you to remove any obstacle.

There is a data history, which takes into account every daily measurement, detailing all the parameters of the case. The application also allows you to set a reference weight, which represents the goal to be achieved in a given period. We must always keep in mind, however, that on this type of scales the constancy in the schedules pays a lot. On the application there is, in fact, a section where to set theclockwise of weighing preferred, so as to make the data more reliable.

Yunmai mini


The price required to bring home this scale is around 25 €, on all major online stores, especially on Amazon. We are on a price level, therefore, more than acceptable for this type of product. There Yunmai mini in fact, it offers a simple and minimal design, even if it does not go unnoticed. Its small size also makes it adaptable to any space, even the narrowest ones. Although the data offered can be considered more as an estimate of the real ones, their knowledge could be useful to all those who are intrigued.

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