Lenovo Yoga 530 review: the AMD configuration

The Mobile World Congress 2018 gave us the opportunity to see for the first time the new line-up of computers proposed by Lenovo. In addition to the higher-end configurations, which are obviously characterized by significant prices, some mid-range products were also presented, with lower costs. One of these was the Lenovo Yoga 530, for an convertible 2in1 with Intel chipset. Our configuration, however, differs from the one seen at the fair, because on the model we had under test we find a processor AMD, with Radeon Vega 8 graphics card. To know, then, what performance can offer such a setup, follow ours Full review.

Lenovo Yoga 530 review


Inside the sales package we find:

  • Lenovo Yoga 530;
  • power supply from 65W;
  • short instruction manual;
  • product warranty card.

Lenovo Yoga 530

Design & Materials

Lenovo Yoga 530 presents dimensions of 328 x 229 x 17.6 mm thick, with a weight overall 1.6 Kg. The entire body is completely built in plastic, with the exception of the internal surface containing the keyboard, which is made of aluminum. From a structural point of view, however, the product is really a lot solid and well built, without there being any creaking or important factory imperfections.

Lenovo Yoga 530

Le hinges hindquarters are of excellent quality, always returning the same initial resistance. This is a very important factor for such a product, which has to support various downturns daily. Furthermore, on the same profile, a series of are clearly visible slits horizontal, running along the entire side frame, and acting as an escape valve for the heat accumulated inside the computer.

Lenovo Yoga 530

With reference to the number of doors implemented on this convertible, on the right, there is a button of ON / OFF, the lcard reader 4in1, the input USB 3.0 and a door to the security system Kensington. On the opposite side we have, instead, the input for the computer power supply, a LED of state, a door HDMI, an entrance USB 3.0, an entrance USB Type-C and the hole mini jack for headphones.

By turning the 180 ° device, you can access the lower profile. In addition to the fixing screws, there are two slits for expelling the air, as well as two side speakers and three rubbers to ensure good stability of the structure.

Lenovo Yoga 530

Keyboard & Touchpad

La keyboard integrated on this product presents a Italian layout, also acquiring one backlight on two levels of intensity. The latter is uniform, not presenting particularly dark areas. In any case, the quality of the keys seems excellent, because despite having a not too short run, they still manage to satisfy for their precision and immediacy. In fact, the distance between the various components is excellent, thus reducing the possibility of errors during the phase writing.

Lenovo Yoga 530

The two surfaces on the sides of the central touchpad are large enough to allow ours wrists to lean comfortably. The working hours in front of this convertible will pass, much less laboriously.

Il touchpad it has a wide and smooth surface, which offers a good sensitivity almost to the extremes. Obviously we find the compatibility with all the Windows gestures. In any case, returns good feedback, never losing shots in everyday use.

To the left of the touchpad, almost flush with the body, we find a biometric sensor to unlock the device and pay online. The reactivity is quite good for this type of product, resulting very precise.

Lenovo Yoga 530


On this product we find a IPS touchscreen LCD display da 14", in resolution Full HD (1920 x 1080 pixels). The colors returned by the panel are not too bright, because they have a very low saturation. Despite this, the overall yield is good, offering sufficient viewing angles and good contrast. The glossy glass it can, however, annoy the exterior, under direct sunlight, because all the reflections do not allow you to see the contents on screen. There maximum brightness on the other hand, it is good indoors, and even annoying in some circumstances.

Lenovo Yoga 530

The front panel has a surface touch screen, at 10 touches, very satisfying. Even with the use of your fingers, you will not have particular problems to move within the interface, although Windows is not one of the best systems from this point of view. In case you are looking for more precision you can buy, however Thinkpad Pen Pro, which will allow you to interact more easily with the screen. This product possesses well 2048 levels of sensitivity to pressure, ensuring low latency and excellent performance in the design phase. On its surface have also been added 2 physical keys, which once pressed allow you to take advantage of different custom functions. Using Windows Inkmoreover, you can enjoy an even more immersive experience.

Lenovo Yoga 530

Rotating the display of 360° you will have the opportunity to use this convertible as a real tablet, although the weight and size are not entirely appropriate for this type of use. There keyboard, in this configuration, it will automatically deactivate, allowing you to work with just the touchscreen. In any case, the exploitation of this device in any one is allowed angulation possible, offering absolute versatility.


On board Lenovo Yoga 530 we have a processor AMD Ryzen 5 2500U, a quad-core CPU with a base clock frequency of 2.0 GHz e turbo boost up to 3.6 GHz. The integrated graphics card is one AMD Radeon Vega 8, a component with a maximum frequency of 1,1 GHz. From the point of view of memories, we are in the presence of one RAM DDR4 da 8 GB, with an internal storage entrusted to a SSD da 256 GB (238 available). RAM and SSD can be replaced manually, removing the screws holding the lower body in place.

Le temperature operating conditions are always quite small, although the two internal fans cause excessive noise when running at maximum speed. The fact remains that only the upper part of the keyboard suffers from a very light warmth in situations of high CPU stress.


Le performance returned by the convertible are excellent for anyone who uses it purely for school. We have never registered any problems with the web browsing, as well as with various programs dedicated to writing texts, such as Word e Open Office Writer. The hardware compartment, however, allows you to go even slightly further, being able to take advantage of quite easily too Adobe Photoshop e Premiere, with the necessary clarifications. These applications, and others similar, are able to work well enough, allowing us to push the potential of the hardware to a slightly higher level than the lower end products, packaging even more complex jobs. I alone 8 GB of RAM they are one of the few limits in the production field, as some more complex operations will require more time, with the risk of nailing the whole system.

You will have no problem in using the contents video, also in streaming. Lenovo Yoga 530 allows, in fact, to watch any video format in circulation, even in format 4K, although it does not have a display able to support this resolution.

From a videogame point of view this machine allows you to play in peace with some older titles, showing some big limit only with the most recent games. On Formula 1 2017for example, you can not break through the wall of the 30 fps, with 20 fps lows that make the experience almost frustrating. With the much acclaimed Fortniteinstead, you will hardly exceed i 50 fps, offering a really low stability. With the brand new PES 2019 it will not be possible, then, to run any game, because the frame-rate is ridiculous.

Lenovo Yoga 530


Windows 10 Home is the operating system implemented on this convertible. Its main characteristics are now well known to most of the public. Since this is an 2in1 device, in this case it is also featured Windows Ink, which allows access to some additional functions for use with the capacitive pen.

La tablet mode, which can be activated with a screen rotation beyond the 180 °, offers you a slightly modified interface. The individual applications will show, however, the same style as always.

A software solution of particular importance is AMD SenseMI Technology, which thanks to the computational power can adapt to our style of computer use, optimizing the most used processes, so as to make the system more snappy and less energetic.

Lenovo provides the user with the ability to personally manage a set of items related to the graphics card. Gaming performances enjoy some technologies, aimed at improving the videogame experience. In the event that, however, the system struggles to manage a certain title, you will not have to despair. The software (AMD Radeon Setting) related to the graphics card, a Radeon Vega 8, will allow you to enable or disable some settings, which could improve your gaming experience. This type of control, however, also applies to the setup of the video profile.

The manufacturer also offers another service called Lenovo Vantage, thanks to which you can monitor your experience with the product. You can have explanations on the hardware and know the health of the terminal, having direct access to theassistance Lenovo.

Connectivity & Audio

At the connectivity level, on Lenovo Yoga 530 we find a module Wi-Fi ac Dual Band good performance, which definitely surpasses sufficiency in terms of coverage. Even in the most difficult places reception is discreet, allowing us to surf the web quickly enough.

We also find the Bluetooth 4.1, as well as two doors USB 3.0 and a USB Type-C.

There are two speaker mounted on this device, and both are positioned at the bottom. Difficult to explain the reason for this choice but, unlike other notebooks, this Lenovo allows you to take advantage of multimedia content by changing the position of the screen as you like. The way in which the sound is perceived by the user can, therefore, change according to the chosen configuration. The whole system has been developed, however, in collaboration with Harman, a well-known US brand owned by many more famous brands (including JBL, Harman Kardon, AKG Acoustics). The acoustic output is not, however, the best. The bass is almost completely absent and, in general, the sound is flat.

La webcam front is from 1 mega-pixels but the quality is not enough. Despite this the video calls are always pleasant, even on the audio front.

Lenovo Yoga 530


The company has not specified on its website what it is battery present on Lenovo Yoga 530. From the nominal values ​​it is possible to go back, however, to a numerical datum. We should therefore be in the presence of about 6000 mAh. Against this figure, we have totaled approximately 4 hours and minutes 30 of continuous use, working mainly on a text editor, using Premiere for about 20 minutes and accumulating a good amount of time spent on Chrome.

La recharge complete, from 10 to 100%, takes place in approx 2 hours, Thanks to the 'power pack present in pack, from 65W. Its dimensions are not excessive, even rusultando inconvenient in mobility.


Lenovo Yoga 530 is sold, in our configuration, at a list price of 799 €.

Probably the proposed price level is higher than expected, because at 100 euros less it would certainly have been more attractive. In any case, quality is not in question. In daily use the performance is excellent, offering consistently good reliability. A convertible of this type is, therefore, very versatile, especially with its own digital pen in combination. Unfortunately the Thinkpad Pen Pro is sold separately, a poco more than 40 euros, but this choice is adopted by many other brands. For the more creative, however, it will certainly represent an indispensable tool.

Design and Materials
Audio and connectivity
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review-lenovo-yoga-530-the-configuration-by-amdThe Mobile World Congress 2018 gave us the opportunity to see for the first time the new line-up of computers proposed by Lenovo. In addition to the higher-end configurations, which obviously are characterized by significant prices, some mid-range products were also presented, ...