Pocophone F2 check on GeekBench: here is CPU and RAM

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Launched last August, the Pocophone F1 has not charged poco success, with sales results definitely positive. And already you start to hear about Pocophone F2, the successor that, presumably, will arrive on the shelves in the coming months. But this does not mean that some units can already be around, also because in the database of GeekBench the presumed future model has sprung up, under the name of Xiaomi POCO F2.

Huawei Mate 20 Pro e POCO F1 at the top of this photographic comparison

Pocophone F2 in the GeekBench database like Xiaomi POCO F2

pocophone f2 geekbench

If you have seen the our review of POCO F1, you will have noticed how the GeekBench score of this POCO F2 is practically equivalent. This is because, as evidenced by the technical data shown in the screenshot, the hardware sector would appear to be unchanged. The chipset would, in fact, always be it Snapdragon 845 Qualcomm, supported in this case by 6 GB of RAM and updated software Android 9 Pie.

Leaving aside the possibility that it is a fake, the news of the Pocophone F2 could however concern other sectors of the smartphone. For example, the constructive one, or the one most criticized by users, or the display, certainly not at the top of the sector. Hopefully, this does not lead to a considerable price increase, as the success of the first chapter is entirely based on its affordability.

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