The first 5G smartphone on the market could be OPPO!

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At the summit of the Hawaii di Qualcomm, jumped to the headlines also for the OnePlus gaffe, the US chipmaker announced all the partnerships. We therefore find among the most prominent producers OPPO: the Chinese company that has already faced several tests for the 5G it could - according to what was declared by the top management - be the first to launch a smartphone on the market 5G.

OPPO on pole to launch the smartphone with 5G


At the base of the new OPPO, as well as other smartphones that will carry on the partnership with Qualcomm, there is, without any doubt, the new Snapdragon 855. Il SoC to 7 nm will be able to boast the modem Qualcomm X50 for full support to 5G.

5G standard certainly not new to the Chinese company that, in less suspicious times, in May, made the first call with structured light technology, exploiting the 5G.

Data in hand, therefore, from the company they say they are sure to be the first to bring to market the first fully functional smartphone. Last 30 NovemberIn fact, OPPO has become the protagonist of a video call WeChat with two terminals, exploiting the 5G. If the scenario assumed by the company were to be confirmed, therefore, OPPO it could affix another important piece that will allow it to become one of the most influential brands, not only at a national level (an objective already achieved), but also at a global level.

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