OPPO looks to the future: increased 150% search investment for the 2019

OPPO conference

The expansion of OPPO does not seem to have brakes and confirmation arrives on the occasion of OPPO Technology Exhibition di Shenzen. Inside the conference, the founder and CEO - Tony Chen - announced that the company will invest in the Research and Development department well 1.27 billion EUR, with an increase of 150% compared to 2018.

Investments in the Research and Development sector of OPPO are growing

OPPO logo

Key points of the development of OPPO, the sectors of IoT e the AI ​​ecosystem. According to the company, one of the branches on which the accent will be placed is precisely that of the interaction of smart products with all the latest technological standards.

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When it comes to innovative standards we can not avoid mentioning the 5G. The ultra fast network will in fact be at the center of the project OPPO - which over time has been characterized by the development of this technology - so much so that it could be from the same company the first smartphone 5G on the market.

So we aim to find a meeting point between artificial intelligence applied toIoT and, indeed, the 5G. All the feature introduced in this period, in fact, can be fully understood only when the new network standard will be applied. The point therefore remains the integration of technology in everyday life. In his speech Tony Chen he repeatedly stressed the importance of “having the courage to explore, make revolutionary discoveries and innovate”. All prospects that - net of the increased investments of 150% - they seem to be much closer.

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