OPPO Flagship Store in Shenzhen: NERD goodies and repairs in 30 minutes! | Video

OPPO is one of the most appreciated and well-known Chinese producers in the world that over the years has been able to reach the top of the Chinese smartphone market and, above all, worldwide.

On our recent trip to Shenzhen we could visit in addition to the factories of the company, of which we will soon propose a special one, also theOPPO Flagship Store di Shenzhen. We are talking about the main physical store of the company where all branded devices are exposed, sold and even repaired OPPO.

OPPO Flagship Store in Shenzhen - Our visit

OPPO Flagship Store Shenzhen 3

The shop has three different areas where there are many functions:

  • Showroom: the entrance is on a room where the company's smartphones are exposed and some products made in partnerships such as headphones and earphones with price and features;
  • Bar: inside the shop there is a refreshment area where customers can ask for a tea while waiting to be followed by a consultant or a sales person in the selection and configuration of the new device;
  • Assistance: on the second floor of the store there is a very functional assistance center which we will talk about shortly.

Among the products OPPO we appreciated the Find X, L 'RX17 Pro called in China R17 Pro, L 'R17 not present in Italy, the R15 Pro present in Italy as OPPO RX17 Neo and many accessories.

OPPO Flagship Store - NERD goodies

OPPO Flagship Store Shenzhen 1

In addition to the normal sales and service functions, the Flagship store of OPPO also offers some goodies from NERD that we have so much appreciated by technology lovers. All the goodies that we will list here are inherent to the proprietary technologies of OPPO who have made their fortune in recent years.

  • VOOC charging dock with wall indication: in the middle of the store there is a seat that has some free charging points with technology support VOOC. The particularity of this installation lies in the possibility of displaying on the LED Wall near the percentage of charge paid up to that moment;
  • LED Wall with earphone equalizer: one of the walls of the store offers a LED Wall interactive that interfaces with the OPPO Find X exposed and colleagues to headphones for sale. The music heard on the exposed devices is reproduced according to the sound bands directly on the wall. The effect is very beautiful!
  • Touch panel with object recognition: in the middle of the room there is a touch display set in one of the display tables that allows you to view the different features of the OPPO Find X "recognizing" of the small blocks to be placed in the center. Nothing too technological because the recognition happens on the arrangement of the pins of these blocks (the video is much more explanatory in this regard).
  • Projector with touch recognition: to explain some functionalities of OPPO devices, the company has mounted on one of the display tables a small laser projector which, through some cameras, is able to detect the customer's touch so as to modify the image reproduced.

OPPO Flagship Store Shenzhen 2

OPPO Flagship Store - Assistance

As anticipated poco above, the shop of OPPO it also houses a service center that guarantees (keep strong ...) repairs in just 30 minutes regardless of the highlighted problem! The disposition of the repair workers and the repair center allows customers to wait and at the same time observe their repair through the windows.

The help desk also allows customers to solve software problems directly at the counter through the help of a trained employee who explains the steps to be followed to solve the problem.

L'OPPO Flagship Store di Shenzhen is clearly an example of how a company takes care of its customers by offering an overall design of commercial activity, perhaps inspired by other brands such as Apple (but not too much) introducing innovation, freshness and functionality in the full style of the devices that OPPO now it has been producing for years.

Our hope, after having touched this reality, is that OPPO bring in Italy its stores in major cities so as to strengthen the feeling with customers and offer premium services to which Chinese customers are already widely accustomed.

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