Lenovo Z5 Pro GT with Snapdragon 855 better than iPhone XS? Here is AnTuTu's answer

lenovo z5 pro gt

During of the launch event di Lenovo Z5 Pro GT - the super variant with Snapdragon 855 - the benchmarks were shown of this beast, with results superior to iPhone XS / XS Max. Although it is a record, with a score never seen before, AnTuTu wanted to put things in clear, as if to distance themselves from considerations too rash.

Lenovo Z5 Pro GT with Snapdragon 855 beats iPhone XS Max but AnTuTu makes things clear


iPhone XS and its Max variant are not the only "victims" of Lenovo Z5 Pro GT: in addition to these we also find Huawei Mate 20, Honor Magic 2 and the last OnePlus 6T. Through a post on Weibo, AnTuTu has kept us to clarify its position towards the relationship between Android and iPhone and especially about the Snapdragon 855.


Do not worry: the results are not absolutely rigged (if that's what you're thinking). However second AnTuTu this ranking does not have to be done; certainly it Z5 Pro GT and Snap 855 they are superior to the models Android present in the image. But a comparison so direct between this device and the iPhone is out of place.

In short, the famous benchmark platform emphasizes that between the green robotic OS and iOS there are software differences that make a comparison completely out of place. No controversy: simply a fact. It is also good to remember that these benchmarks are "only" scores and that they should not compromise the evaluation of a device.

Not to mention of the various cases of rigged results, a practice that in addition to demonstrating the (incorrect) importance of numbers compared to the actual goodness of a product, represent only a means of contrast and struggle between companies.

Last updated the 09 / 06 / 2023 14: 15

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