Our interview with Andie Cheng, OPPO product manager

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For the official launch of OPPO RX17 Pro in Europe we were invited to the official presentation event held in Milan. On the occasion of the event we had the opportunity to interview Andie Cheng, OPPO product manager, to which we asked various questions, about the future of the brand, about the objectives to be achieved in Italy and more.

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Interview with Andie Cheng of OPPO

- Are you considering selling in Italy also through online channels like Amazon and the like?
It is something we are currently evaluating. At the moment, as we have already announced, we are planning to expand our offline network with even more physical retailers. For online sales we want to have the right approach.

- Are you going to open an OPPO Store in Italy, given the strategy adopted by companies just arrived in our country as Xiaomi?
We do not have the opening of an OPPO Sotre in Italy in the current plans. We are focusing on strengthening partnerships with local distributors.

- It would be nice to have an official OPPO community. Maybe a forum?
We are aware of the communities present in Italy. We will certainly look for a way to consolidate and increase the fan base. We have several proposals on the table and we think that you will soon discover something about it.

- Many users complain about the absence of OPPO Find X gestures (and not only) in Italy. Are you considering adding them? If so, when?
We are aware of this problem, given the many comments received on social media. We are investigating some copyright issues to understand if this feature is also usable in Europe. As soon as we have the clearest situation, we will inform the community.

- Are you at work on a new OPPO Find X 2?
OPPO Find X is the flagship of the brand. Our team has spent years developing it. Starting from the sliding structure, the 93.8% screen-to-body ratio up to the Super VOOC, OPPO Find X is a combination of innovative technologies and aesthetics in design. For the next Find X, we must continue to explore in the technological process, so as to create something that satisfies us and impressions our customers, just like Find X. With the Find X series we have no fury, we prefer to take our time to really surprise our customers.

- What are the innovations on the OPPO RX17 Pro?
The RX17 Pro represents a turning point in our camera idea, especially at night, thanks to the Ultra Night mode enhanced by artificial intelligence. Thanks to the variable focal aperture f/1.5-2.4, it can adjust the aperture intelligently according to the light conditions. Another innovation is the Super VOOC charging, capable of charging it from 0% to 40% in just 10 minutes.

- How did you achieve these results in night photos?
OPPO RX17 Pro has a Sony IMX362 top-of-the-range sensor with 1 / 2.55 "dimensions, pixels from 1.4 μm and 12 mega-pixels. Thanks to the larger photosensitive area, RX17 Pro is more sensitive to light, allowing users to take pictures more easily in dark scenes. At the same time, the IMX362 sensor is dual-pixel type, ensuring quick focusing even with moving subjects. And the variable opening makes sure that in the lighter areas you click on f/ 2.4, with more defined and sharp photos. In dark environments, however, the lens automatically switches to f/ 1.5 to let in more light, with clearer and brighter photos. OPPO RX17 Pro uses an 3 axis optical stabilizer, frequently used with SLR high-end lenses. This compensates for the vibrations in 3 dimensions and clears the micro-blur, so as not to have subjects out of focus and to shoot with long exposures.

- Speaking of the 2019, it will be the vintage of the 5G and folding smartphones. Are you planning something about it?
We hope to become one of the leaders of the 5G era. OPPO entered the 5G business already in the 2015, set up a research team of more than 30 people for the 5G standard, presented more than 1.300 technical documents to the 3GPP organization and obtained more than 1.000 global patents on the 5G. About 2 weeks ago, OPPO took a leading role by creating a prototype based onThe OPPO R15 able to successfully connect to the 5G network. In the future we will work together with partners and operators to build the first 5G phones for the public market.

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