Well yes, dear readers, this 2018 also comes to an end and, with it, the wave of devices that has accompanied us in recent months. A year that turned out to be quite intense and interesting: practically all the producers have raised the bar, proposing ever more convincing and competitive phones, for our joy (but a little less for our wallets, argh). To celebrate this we decided to set up the GizAwards, with which to reward i best smartphones that we have been able to test, in many ways.

GizAwards 2018: here are the end of year awards


After years OPPO is back in Italy and has done it in style, bringing an OPPO Find X that managed to amaze everyone, becoming in effect the most pioneering smartphone that has been seen on the market. The motorized retractable mechanism, which conceals the photographic sector, gives it a sci-fi look and makes it the phone with less frames than there is. Without speaking, then, of the Super VOOC recharge that debuted on board the Lamborghini Edition.

Huawei Mate 20 Pro

If Huawei Mate 20 Pro has won the podium in the heart of many reviewers and users is also thanks to the quality of quality offered by the triple rear module. In addition to a photographic and video performance above average, it is above all its versatility that makes it the best. A large telephoto lens and a wide-angle lens were also added to an excellent main sensor from 40 mpx, which is also capable of performing impressive macros. Once you try it is hard to do without it. If you want to know more, do not miss our review.

Xiaomi Mi 8 Pro

It is practically impossible not to be bewitched by the work done with the design of the Xiaomi Mi 8 Pro. If already the standard variant has been appreciated by many, the work done with the back cover of the Pro variant has jumped the eyes of all. The rear transparency offers an incredible visual separation, showing a representation of the internal components. But words can not express how beautiful it is: to see for yourself.

OnePlus 6T

When we talk about smartphones, in everyone's mind geek terms such as "speed" and "power" are immediately associated with OnePlus. And the latest OnePlus 6T makes no difference, resulting in the most snappy and powerful smartphone that can be found in circulation. Not only for the hardware, however, excellent, but above all for the excellent work done on the software side, with an OxygenOS that convinces more and more.

Pocophone F1

So far we have talked about premium phones, but who said that you have to spend a capital to have a more than valid product? Certainly not Xiaomi e POCO, a collaboration that gave birth to Pocophone F1, a smartphone that cannot fail to mention OnePlus One and its resourcefulness in facing a market of ever more expensive giants. If you are looking for the cheapest smartphone on the market, the so-called flagship killer, you found it.

Huawei Mate 20 Pro

If its predecessor had already seen great potential, Huawei Mate 20 Pro represents the greatest evolution in the Android (and beyond). An extremely versatile smartphone, exquisitely made and with very few faults, with features that make it the most complete smartphone of 2018.

These are our GizAwards: what do you think? Please let us know in the comments. If you are interested in the smartphones in question, subscribe to the official page of GizDeals, available both on Facebook that of Telegram!

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