In the last period we had the chance to try many different computers, from convertible ai laptop. The price range considered has always been quite contained, although in this case too there have been exceptions. Many products, although in the range low-cost, manage to offer almost unexpected performance, squeezing the available hardware to the maximum. In this review we will deal with a device that fits perfectly within this last statement, while proposing itself at a slightly higher price than the line-up proposed by the company itself. Let's talk about the Teclast F6 Pro, brand of which we have already reviewed a couple of computers, or F5 ed F7.

Teclast F6 Pro Review


In the sales package, in the typical white and orange color, we have included:

  • Teclast F6 Pro;
  • wall power supply with Italian socket;
  • plastic film pre-applied on the screen;
  • short manual, also in English.

Design and construction quality

The size of this 2-in-1 I'm in line with a product that offers a good display 13.3 "of diagonal. The perimeter frames could have been smaller but, in general, are not annoying. The weight of 1.46 kg makes it, however, poco handy to hold, also considering the possibility of transforming the Teclast F6 Pro into a real one tablets.

From this it is clear how structurally the machine is well assembled, presenting with one metal surface which covers the entire external body, as well as all the internal parts. This aluminum block turns out to be very pleasant to the touch but really poco oleophobic, retaining several fingerprints after a few hours of intense use.

Teclast F6 Pro

We have talked poco makes it possible to use the Teclast F6 Pro as a real one tablets. This statement introduces one of the most interesting features of the product, namely the ability to rotate the screen of 360°, exploiting the particular engineering of the two back zippers. The latter are very much solid and they manage to confer great stability to the whole terminal in any position.

Teclast F6 Pro

On the back, besides 4 grommets which provide greater grip, the Teclast F6 Pro is equipped with one metal cover that can be removed. The screws along the perimeter frame, once extracted, offer the possibility to see the entire internal construction of the product. Here we find out how the device presents a system of fanless cooling that does not use any fan, denying even the opportunity to change the RAM, being the latter soldered to the motherboard. In general, the quality level, however, seems to be good.

This unit has a very satisfactory number of doors for its price range, equipping itself on the left frame of an entrance USB Type-C and a hole that houses the Status LED, finding poco a door ahead micro HDMI and an entrance USB 3.0. On the opposite side there are, however, an additional USB 3.0 port, as well as the hole for charging the convertible, the entrance mini-jack for headphones, a door micro SD and the Power button. The latter is not too protruding and this feature prevents it from being accidentally pressed.

Keyboard and touchpad

Opening the device is not one of the easiest things, due to one magnetic closure very efficient. Once you have raised the screen, you will come across the keyboard by American layout. The stroke of the keys is very soft and quite precise, minimizing errors during the writing process. All the small components also have a rough surface that does not retain almost any imprint. Manca il numeric keypad but above all the backlight of the keyboard itself, which would have been a very welcome feature.

Il touchpad seems to be made of plastic with a smooth surface. Its size is adequate to the size of the computer, in addition to presenting in the upper left corner a biometric sensor. The latter will be very useful, as well as the unlock the device, also ai pagamenti online and for data protection of different programs. In general, the performance of the touchpad, however, is sufficient, also ensuring the possibility of exploiting them Windows gestures.

Teclast F6 Pro

After the reopening of the device, following a short period of standby, I occasionally found some temporary problem with the touchpad itself, which seemed to have lost the right calibration. It is a defect that is certainly to be attributed to the software part of the terminal, which some updates could soon resolve.


Teclast F6 Pro reveals a display frontally LCD da 13.3" of diagonal, of matrix IPS, with resolution Full HD (1920 x 1080 pixels) in 16: 9. The colors expressed by this unit are not very saturated, offering a fairly good balance. The viewing anglesBut I really am scarce and do not allow you to fully enjoy the multimedia experience on this convertible. Whites, however, tend slightly to blue and i neri I am absolutely without depth, turning to gray.

Teclast F6 Pro

The glass it does not have an anti-reflection surface, as befits a product of this type. This feature makes it difficult to use in outdoor environments, because the reflections are many under direct sunlight. Furthermore, the maximum brightness of the panel is not high enough.

The main feature of the Teclast F6 Pro is to own a touch screen a 10 touches, quite responsive and precise. It can be used in any situation and angle of the screen, ensuring absolute versatility. As already mentioned, presents the possibility of rotate the display di 360°, with a mechanism that is guaranteed by the company for approx 25.000 openings. The unit is also compatible with the F6 Pro Stylus, which is nothing but a digital pen of the company, which allows you to take advantage of the features of this machine to 100%.

Teclast F6 Pro

As already verified on the touchpad, also for the touch screen we find a calibration problem quite invalidating. In some cases, once used as a tablet, it tends to completely lose the point of connection between our finger and the display, indicating a completely different position of touch. Also in this case, most likely, it is a software problem that I hope, in the near future, can solve.

Teclast F6 Pro

Hardware and Performance

The Teclast F6 Pro features a processor Intel 7th Gen Kaby Lake M3-7Y30 with production process a 14 nm, with CPU dual core and base clock frequency of 1 GHz and in turbo boost to 2.6 GHz. The GPU is one Intel HD Graphic 615, with a base frequency of 300 MHz and a maximum of 900 MHz. The latter also guarantees support for video playback in 4K a 60 Hz.

The software is Windows 10 Home, with support for all tablet functions. We find, then, well 8 GB di RAM LPDDR3 and an internal storage entrusted to a SSD (M.2 SATA3) from 128 GB. The latter can also be extracted and is replaceable through the special compartment on the back.

Le performance returned by the device are from good level, without ever experiencing any problems during standard sessions of use. It is also possible to dabble with more specific programs in the production field, such as Adobe Premiere. On the latter, the video and audio tracks are quietly loaded in relatively short times, ensuring a fair handling of the same. Several can be added transitions and effects, having to limit very much in the modification of the colors of the images that, from this point of view, put the system in crisis.

Teclast F6 Pro

Su Google Chrome you can also open several windows at the same timewithout the CPU go especially in trouble. The cases in which its maximum power is requested are mainly due to the joint use of Premiere and YouTube. The video display at the highest resolution requires loading times longer than expected, then managing to handle the rest of the playback well, provided you can take advantage of a stable internet connection.

Streaming TV series offers, for example, from Amazon Prime Video, they enjoy a good general quality, while contributing to a sensible increase of the temperature of the computer, especially on the left side of the computer. The latter never reach, however, disturbing levels.

In phase of Gaming you can delight in some title already on the Microsoft Store, as Modern Combat Versus, which returns a good videogame experience, without excelling in any sector. In any case, we have carried out several tests on the Teclast F6 Pro, which you can find in the gallery below.

Opening the display beyond 180°, the system automatically prepares itself for use in tablet mode, making the keyboard icon appear at the bottom right, for example. Exploit Windows with the only one touch screenHowever, it is always difficult. Despite all the limitations of the case, in fact, the individual applications continue to offer the same desktop interface. From this consideration it is clear how multimedia is the purpose of this feature or, again, the creativeness. In fact, it is possible to use different drawing programs that exploit the potential of the display combined with a digital pen with which to interact. Having the ability to tilt the front panel to your liking, therefore, can be useful in this specific case.

Connectivity and audio

At the level of connectivity, we are facing a convertible that owns a form Wi-Fi ac Dual Band which, unfortunately, suffers from one very limited coverage. In the most difficult corners of the house, where the reception of all devices is usually written, this Teclast F6 Pro completely loses its connection.

The Bluetooth 4.2 and a webcam da 2 mega-pixels, which at photographic level does not reach the sufficiency but for the municipalities video calls it works very well. To accompany the latter we think well two microphones front, placed in the grid adjacent to the hinges of the terminal. The audio in call is discreet, with our interlocutor who can clearly distinguish all the sounds.

Always within the same grid are also the space two speakers front. The sound returned by the units is completely flat, without bass, although at maximum volume it is possible to follow a multimedia content even in noisier environments.


The autonomy of the Teclast F6 Pro is guaranteed by a battery of 5000 mAh. Such capacity allowed me to reach around 5.5 hours of continuous use, exploiting the device mainly with text editors, Youtube, e-mail and dabbling with some tweaks on Adobe Photoshop.

La recharge complete of the convertible takes place in poco more than 2 hours, thanks to the wall power supply included in the package, with output a 12V, 2A.


The services offered during the trial period were satisfactory, even if they did not go beyond a certain limit. With this product it is possible to penetrate without problems in the world of video editing, learning the basics of editing and experimenting with various basic techniques. And this is also true of many other programs devoted to productivity. In everyday use, however, does not offer an experience much higher than that, for example, I could experiment on another convertible of the house, the Teclast F5.

Although the differences between the two products are clear, they remain devices that can be easily compared to a student, even a university student. With the only difference that the F5 is sold at about 100 euro less. So I advise you to weigh the purchase of the Teclast F6 Pro only if you also feel the need to look out for the most common programs voted on creativeness and productivity, with the intent to learn the basic concepts.

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review-teclast-f6-proIn the last period we have had the chance to try out many different computers, from convertibles to laptops. The price range considered has always been quite limited, although even in this case there have been exceptions. Many products, despite being in the low-cost range, are able to ...