OnePlus 6T: how Nightscape works and why it will not be on older models

oneplus 6t nightscape

If you follow the world of mobile cameras, you will surely have noticed how the trend of this 2018 is the so-called Night mode. We saw it with Huawei ed Honor, then with Google, Xiaomi and now also OnePlus. One of the main novelties of OnePlus 6Tin fact, it's called Nightscape and this is the OnePlus version of the concept, in fact, of Night mode. In this regard, in the recent AskMeAnything organized on its own forum (here you can recover the salient parts), the OnePlus team explained how it works and why it will not be brought on old models.

OnePlus 6T vs OnePlus 6: what are the differences?

OnePlus 6T: this is how Nightscape mode works

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Jimmy Z, a member of the OnePlus staff, explained to us in the special thread, who explained a little more in detail what the Nightscape mode is. It is a combination of different technologies and algorithms, primarily the Nightscape HDR, in which up to 10 frames are merged. This helps to keep the details at its best both in the lightest and the darkest areas.

In secundis there is the Detail Optimization, whose purpose is to refine the level of detail obtained. In third place there is the function of Noise Reduction, whose name is quite explanatory: an algorithm to reduce as much as possible the photographic noise that is obtained when taking a photo at night and playing with the exposure. Then there is the Multi-frame Stabilization, a mixture of OIS and EIS in to reduce the vibrations of the hand and avoid blurring.

oneplus 6t nightscape

Nightscape: why will not it arrive on past models?

Apart from OnePlus 6, who received the update who introduced the Nightscape, no other model will officially receive this mode. This is due to the hardware differences which, of course, do not exist on OnePlus 6 which shares the same hardware platform.

In essence, it seems that without Snapdragon 845 it is not possible to have this feature. In case you are owners of OnePlus 5T or earlier, you just have to cross your fingers and hope that someone in the XDA community will make a working porting.

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