Sometimes they come back: the CEO of LeEco is done vivo but not for what you would like


As lovers will know well, the vicissitudes di LeEco have had devastating repercussions for the CEO Jia Yueting (or rather, it would be the opposite, for the sake of precision), the last of which is impossibility to travel by train and plane to China. After months and months of silence, the former leader of the brand is back to be heard, but curb the hot spirits, because it has nothing to do with what you are thinking (unfortunately).

The CEO of LeEco talks about Faraday Future, the future IPO and the new FF81 model

LeEco Faraday Future

Despite the frost of some time ago, it seems that things with Faraday Future they are going the right way, so much to wear Jia Yueting to make a series of announcements about it. The financial problems of the automobile brand (in direct competition with Tesla) would have been remedied thanks to an intervention by theHong Kong International Arbitration Center against Evergrande Health, which would have allowed us to find new funding.

The same would come from EVAIO, a company linked to the blockchain sector, which should contribute with an investment of 900 million dollars in three years. Furthermore, it seems that one has been planned IPO for Faraday Future in 2020 and that Yueting is setting the stage for that moment. The news does not end here and the announcement of a new model also arrives, FF81, which will be produced in California.

In short, the situation of the former CEO of LeEco and his troubled relationship with Chinese justice has not yet been clarified, but in all this confusion one thing is certain: users keep waiting the return by LeEco, a return that - it seems - could never come.

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