Have you read of the Xiaomi Mi 6S? It's a fake, Xiaomi's word

A smartphone appeared on Geekbench a few days ago Xiaomi really special. The device, with Snapdragon 835 e 6 GB di RAM it had been identified as a hypothetical Xiaomi Mi 6S. The company, however, intervened immediately, announcing that there is no successor of the flagship 2017.

Xiaomi Mi 6S, the company denies the hypothetical device

Xiaomi Mi 6S Fake

The smartphone spotted on Geekbench so it will not be the expected one Xiaomi Mi 6S. The denial came directly from the company, via Weibo. However, the device has been identified, so it is likely that something - with these specifications is in the works. As we anticipated, the smartphone in question on Geekbench scored a score of 1747 in single core and 7039 in multi core.

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Although the specifications resume in part those of the 2017 flagship, it is difficult to understand how this hypothetical product will position itself among the internal offer that boasts well 4 device with Snapdragon 845. Meanwhile, the eyes of the fans continue to be aimed - of course - on Xiaomi Mi MIX 3 who, after dropping yesterday's date, will present himself to the public the next 25 October.

Xiaomi Mi 6S Fake 1

The wait for the first smartphone slider of the company is very high and, this may mean so that even the device with the Snap 835 - protagonist on Geekbench - may for now remain on standby. We are sure however that as soon as possible we will have more news about the device in question.

Last updated the 04 / 05 / 2021 08: 30

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