Xiaomi Power Bank Review 2C: the definitive battery pack

MI Power Bank 2C

In the market there are many power banks, with very different characteristics and suitable for every need. The Chinese colossus itself Xiaomi has launched several accessories all of excellent quality and with different specifications. What we're going to analyze in this review is it Xiaomi Power Bank 2C, One of the battery pack more powerful products offered by the company. Will it meet expectations? Find out in our review.

Xiaomi Power Bank 2C Review

MI Power Bank 2C


Inside the white hardcover packaging we find:

  • Xiaomi Power Bank 2C;
  • USB / microUSB charging cable;
  • manuals in Chinese language.

MI Power Bank 2C

Design and materials

The Xiaomi Power Bank 2C is characterized by a clean design, extremely minimal as per Xiaomi tradition. The construction, entirely made of high quality plastic, is solid and offers a feeling of strength, also because of the weight of approx 360 g. The dimensions are of 14.95 x 6.96 x 2.39 cm.

In the front we find two USB inputs to which you can connect your own devices for charging at the same time, and a microUSB input for charging the powerbank itself. They are also present 4 white LEDs that indicate the device is turned on and the residual charge.

MI Power Bank 2C

On the left side is the power button and for the activation of the low power recharge of 2 hours. At the top we find the Xiaomi logo engraved in the shell. On the bottom are all the technical specifications of the device. The overall design is very elegant and, although not a small accessory, it is still convenient to carry with you in a backpack or bag.

Specifications and operation

Xiaomi Power Bank 2C has a capacity of 20.000 mAh, with a door capacity effective di 13.0000 mAh. This allows you to repeatedly recharge any type of smartphone or other devices such as tablets and wearables. Support is fundamental Quick Charge 3.0 di Qualcomm, which can be exploited by recharging only a single device, to concentrate all the power in a single output.

The recharge is very efficient in this mode and can match a Quick Charge wall power supply. The powerbank also offers the possibility of setting one low power recharge for the duration of 2 hours pressing 2 times the only button present, optimal functionality for charging devices with small batteries. Furthermore, it is possible to simultaneously exploit the 2 ports present to charge 2 devices simultaneously.

MI Power Bank 2C

The Xiaomi Power Bank 2C is equipped with a adaptive system so it will automatically adjust the output power. It is also equipped with gods protection chip products Texas Instruments to avoid short circuits or overvoltage problems.

The power supplied by the two outputs has 3 steps, namely 5.1V 2.4A, 9V 2A and 12V 1.5A, with a maximum power peak at 18. The charging of the powerbank itself, with 5V 2A or 9V 2A support, takes no less than 7 hours.

MI Power Bank 2C


Xiaomi Power Bank 2C It is an excellent product, able to guarantee more top-ups for any device and with an excellent quality-price ratio, costing around 30 €. It is a durable product for those who really need to have their devices always loaded and ready to use. I would absolutely recommend it to anyone looking for a powerbank lending to travel, or for any situation where you are unable to use a power outlet.

It is not possible to make comparisons with the many low quality powerbanks on the market, as this is an extremely valuable and reliable accessory, provided it bears the weight, which as mentioned is not the most contained, but still proportioned to the capacity of mAh.