Unlock Xiaomi bootloader: our quick and easy guide

unlock xiaomi bootloader

When you are talking about Xiaomi very often there is also talk of modding. The company's smartphones have always been known to have a thriving community of developers working to offer users custom recovery e Custom ROM. These procedures must however be followed by the unlock bootloader, given that, basically, the block precludes all these possibilities. That's why in this guide we will explain how to step by step.

WARNING: unlike other brands, for some time now Xiaomi has decided to put a temporal block. This means that, once the procedure illustrated here has been carried out, you will necessarily have to wait a certain amount of time. On average, the waiting time is one week, but it may take more or less time in your case.

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Unlock bootloader Xiaomi | Guide

Before continuing, What does the bootloader unlock? This block is set by Xiaomi to prevent third-party resellers from installing ROMs that are farceable and potentially harmful to users. WARNING: its release involves the loss of data present on the phone. Therefore it is strongly recommended to carry out a backup of the files you are interested in keeping.

And what about the guarantee? For products sold directly by Xiaomi Italia the same company confirmed that unlocking the bootloader does not invalidate the warranty. In the event that the device has been purchased from other parties, we invite you to ask the seller in question directly.

1) Creating My Account

The first step to carry out the bootloader unlocking procedure is to create your own Mi Account. In case you have already done so, you can jump directly to the second step.

  1. Go on official page;
  2. Click on "Country / Region"And select"Italy";
  3. In the space "Mobile Number"Verify that the prefix is ​​+ 39 and enter your number;
  4. In "Captcha"Type the letters shown in the image next to it;
  5. Click on "Create Account";
  6. In the next screen enter the code to 4 digits that you will receive SMS;
  7. Set the password;
  8. Click on "Submit".
unlock xiaomi bootloader

2) Enter My Account

Once you have created the Mi Account, you will need to associate it with the smartphone whose bootloader you want to unlock. Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Open the "Settings" or "Settings", Depending on the language of MIUI;
  2. At the top click on "Info on the phone" or "My Device";
  3. Click repeatedly on "MIUI Version" or "MIUI Version"To enable the"Developer Options" or "Developer Options";
  4. Return to "Settings", Scroll down and click on"Additional settings" or "Additional Settings";
  5. From here select "Developer options"And enable the toggles for these three items:"Developer options","OEM unlocking"and "USB debugging";
  6. Click on "State Mi Unlock" or "Mi Unlock Status";
  7. At the bottom click on "Add account and device" or "Add account and device";
  8. Enter the details of your Mi Account and click on "Sign In".
unlock xiaomi bootloader

3) Unlock Xiaomi bootloader

Once the previous steps have been completed, here comes the crucial point of the bootloader unlocking procedure. To complete everything we will have to use We Unlock, or the official software provided by Xiaomi itself.

  1. Go on Official site;
  2. Click on "Unlock Now";
  3. On the next page click on "Download Mi Unlock"To download the zip file on your PC;
  4. Unzip the zip file in a folder at will;
    • ATTENTION: as some users report, it is recommended that the ZIP file be extracted to a folder on drive C: or the smartphone may not be detected correctly
  5. Enter the unzipped folder and start the file "Miflash_unlock.exe";
  6. In the disclaimer screen that will appear, click on "Agree";
  7. Enter the login details of your Mi Account that you have associated with your smartphone;
  8. Turn off the smartphone;
  9. Hold down the Power button and the Volume-key to start it in mode Fastboot;
  10. Connect it to the PC via USB cable;
  11. If everything went as planned, the words "will appear in Mi Unlock"Phone connected";
  12. Click on "Unlock";
  13. Click on "Unlock anyway"In the disclaimer that will appear";
  14. Once the unlocking is complete, the writing in green will appear "Unlocked successfully";
  15. Click on "Reboot phone"To restart it correctly.

Et voila, you have finally completed the bootloader unlock of your Xiaomi device! In case you have encountered problems, write to us in the comments and we will try to help you.

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