For several years i convertible notebooks they have established themselves in the world of portable devices, acquiring an interesting market share. There versatility in fact, they are made attractive to different categories of users. Although the big brands often produce good products from the qualitative point of view, the Chinese market tries to undermine them by proposing an overwhelming price / quality ratio. Today we will analyze just one of these terminals, or theALLDOCUBE iWork 3X. It looks like a convertible 2-in-1 with discrete hardware features, with processor Intel Apollo Lake e touch screen. Will it actually be able to give a blow to all other competing devices? Let's find out inside our review.

Review ALLDOCUBE iWork 3X


The sales package, made in black color, has several Chinese writings that describe the main technical characteristics of the product. Inside we find:

  • ALLDOCUBE iWork 3X;
  • wall-mounted power supply with Chinese plug;
  • product warranty card.

Design and materials

The whole body is made of satin metal, except for the plastic band upper which facilitates reception of the antennas. Structurally, it does not present any noteworthy flaws and handling it does not even notice any particular creaking. The dimensions are not small and the weight, higher than 1 kg, is the feature that most turn up the nose. As for portability, therefore, we are not completely satisfied.

The same argument does not apply, however, to the convenience of use of the product, which later presents one kickstand reclining up to almost 90 °. The solidity of this component does not give rise to too many doubts, although it is advisable not to force too much the two side hinges that hold the system in place. Beyond this little foresight, the stand allows you to use the device on any surface, either using it as a tablet or a real computer.


It is good to remember that the keyboard, which should be matched the product, is sold separately. Below are, in fact, i magnetic pins and two lateral slits, for insertion of the same.


Regarding the allocation of doors, on this unit we have to look at the left frame only. The hole is present on this side mini jack for headphones, a door USB Type-C, the proprietary input for charging, a slot micro SD and an entrance USB 3.0.


The volume rocker and the Power button, on the other hand, are positioned at the top, accompanied by the first microphone. On the other side of the stand there is also one camera da 5 mega-pixels, which is the pair with the front one from 2 mega-pixels. Finally, the LED RGB notification, in addition to not miss the proximity sensor.

The last aspect to analyze is the metal body, which does not connect directly to the front glass as there is one plastic layer quite evident between the two materials. A choice that, on an aesthetic level, does not prove to be a winner. This unit also presents two speakers lateral that are almost not seen. The cracks are, in fact, made right inside the aforementioned plastic layer poco does.



ALLDOCUBE iWork 3X mounts a matrix display IPS da 12.3 inches diagonal and resolution 1920 1280 pixels x. Color reproduction is poco saturated, although in some situations it is excessively dull. The viewing angles are only sufficient and in outdoor environments it is slightly more difficult to distinguish on-screen content. The front glass does not have, in fact, an anti-glare treatment and the maximum brightness of the display is really inadequate under direct sunlight.


The display has a touch screen a 10 touches, which has always proved enough reactive and precise. The movements within the Windows interface are not always simple but the quality of the panel has made everything less frustrating. Unfortunately, the surface is not sufficiently oleophobic and you will be forced to clean the glass frequently, especially after a busy day using the tablet.

Hardware and Performance

This convertible has a chipset Intel Celeron N3450 Apollo Lake, with production process a 14 nm. Let's talk about a CPU quad-core with base clock frequency of 1.1 GHz, with turbo boost up to 2.2 GHz. The integrated GPU is one Intel HD Graphics 500 with 200 MHz base frequency and maximum frequency of 700 MHz. From the point of view of memories, we find one RAM by well 6 GB assisted by a SSD da 128 GB for internal storage, which can be further increased by means of a card microSD.

It is good to specify immediately that the hardware components mentioned are suitable for a type of non-professional use. In fact, it will be possible to install different programs for thevideo and photo editing, even with not excellent performances. On Adobe Premierefor example, the manipulation of files is quite difficult, taking into account the fact that the CPU reaches its maximum power when using this program. The previews of our work run with a very low frame rate and this slows down all the productivity.

At the same time it is possible to use Chrome, Spotify, Youtube and some other application related to writing. THE videos in 4K, from Youtube itself, have some loading problems and the fluidity in the reproduction is not always guaranteed, even with the absence of other windows open in the background on the browser. The 6 GB of RAM, for more professional tasks, are few and tend to become saturated very easily. You will not have to worry, however, if you use this machine for writing texts, the basic modification of some image on Photoshop or watching videos on Youtube. Even the temperatureeven under stress, they never reach worrying values, settling on an average of poco more than 50°. The highest CPU values ​​are on the 60 °, which can easily be achieved even during gaming.

You can take advantage of some video game titles on the Microsoft Store, which often refer to the universe of apps Android. One of the most used games was Modern Combat Versus, with which I recorded a good experience, albeit with a low graphics and a frame-rate only sufficient. For further clarification on general performance and data on system speeds, I invite you to open the images below that refer to all the tests and benchmarks made.


Connectivity, audio and camera

Regarding the connectivity, ALLDOCUBE iWork 3X is equipped with a module Wi-Fi ac Dual Band that offers great performance in any situation, even in areas difficult to reach from the signal. During the whole experience with this tablet I did not record any system malfunction. The same is true for the Bluetooth 4.0, which allowed me to use mouse and external keyboard, both Apple brand, without problems.

As far as audio is concerned, the device is equipped with two side speakers which offer insufficient quality for a product also devoted to multimedia. The volume is quite low and the high tones prevail too much on the mid tones. The sound is therefore flat and poco engaging.

ALLDOCUBE iWork 3X presents two cameras: That front and from 2 mega-pixels while that back and from 5 mega-pixels. Both do not reach sufficiency in the photos, but are more than suitable for use aimed, for example, video calls. In addition, the rear sensor can turn video into 1080p to 30fps, while the front one reaches up to 720p to 30fps. The sound captured by the microphone during shooting is quite good, although it is slightly metallic.


The battery mounted on ALLDOCUBE iWork 3X is a unit from 5000 mAh. Setting the brightness to 25%, with average performance and a use mainly dedicated to writing of texts and watching some videos on YoutubeI totaled about 7 hours of continuous use. I noticed that in standby the charge drops not always slowly, perhaps due to some background process that sometimes consumes more than necessary. In general, however, you can safely overcome your working day.

THEpower pack added in the package has a Chinese plug, which needs an adapter. The output offered is equal to 12V 2.5A, which allows you to fully charge the tablet in poco less than 2 hours.

Conclusions and price

ALLDOCUBE iWork 3X is currently for sale on Gearbest about 230€, keyboard excluded. Given these figures, I think that the economic demands for the product go slightly beyond expectations. This tablet has some discrete technical features, which make it attractive mainly by university students, by those who use it very scholastically or by those who use it only for multimedia. The market offers, however, competing devices far more complete, even lower prices.

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Design and Materials
Audio and connectivity
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review-alldocube-iwork-3xFor several years, convertible notebooks have established themselves in the world of portable devices, acquiring an interesting market share. The versatility of which they are equipped, in fact, makes them attractive to different categories of users. Although the big brands often produce good products from the point ...