In today's comparison we decided to compare two of the most purchased smartphones among them high-end, Or the OnePlus 6 and Xiaomi Mi 8, which are characterized by a high quality / price ratio. In fact, after the many requests that have arrived in recent weeks we decided to bring a focus on these two devices to help you understand what is the best choice for you with a maximum budget di 400 €.
So let's not lose ourselves in further talk and let's analyze them in our comparison!

Compare OnePlus 6 vs Xiaomi Mi 8

3Hardware and Performance

OnePlus 6 vs Xiaomi Mi 8

Before talking about this aspect I would like to make a clarification: the variant Avengers Edition in our possession has some memory cuts from 8 / 256 GB unlike the 6 / 64 GB of the model you can buy a less than 400 euros. Therefore we will not go to analyze the various benchmarks of the case, but we will talk about the actual daily use in terms of fluidity since this comparison does not refer to specific units but to products and, therefore, we will analyze in detail the experience offered by the two different conceptions of ROM regardless of RAM.

Made this premise Xiaomi Mi 8 presents 6 GB di RAM LPDDR4X-1866 dual channel e 64 GB di internal memory UFS 2.1 and, just like for OnePlus 6, we can not expand it through microSD. Unfortunately it is a pity that with "only" 64 GB storage is not possible to expand the memory, but it is a compromise that we will have to accept since we are taking two excellent top of the range less than 400 €.

For the rest, the two share the chipset, we speak of the Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 that include a processor octa-core Kryo 385 with a maximum clock frequency of 2.8 GHz and a GPU Adreno 630.

Both devices are very powerful and powerful, they can carry out any workload without any problem and also the reproduction of the heaviest titles such as PUBG it happens without frame drops and with details at the most. However, the experience that gives us back the OnePlus 6 thanks to OXYGEN it is superior to MIUI. The ease and speed with which we move between the menus and applications is satisfactory and is the one on which the company has always focused a lot.

Space also at modding because, even in this case, OnePlus It comes out victorious since the ROM really are available numerous and behind us we have a very solid community always ready to offer new alternatives. Despite also Xiaomi has a not indifferent following, the ROM park is reduced, although lately they begin to see the first ones Pixel Experience that bring a breath of freshness in these devices. THE waiting time for the unlocking the bootloader they do not help and have made many of you desist from buying one Xiaomi only for modding. In fact, these vary depending on the case, but it is usually necessary to wait between the 15 and the 30 days.