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Like smartphone owners Xiaomi well know, the products of the brand are a real godsend thanks to the (almost) perfect combination of performance, hardware and price. Obviously there is no lack of compromise and among these there are the "annoying" advertisements present in the system apps. Even if the advertisements allow the company to maintain the basic prices, some users may be too "intrusive"; if you think so then this guide will make you really comfortable!

Here's how to disable advertisements from MIUI system apps

The procedure to disable advertising from the system app of the MIUI it's very simple and it's just a few steps to follow. What's more, it is an absolutely non-invasive method that requires neither root permissions nor bootloader unlocking.

  • Open the Settings and click Additional settings in the section System and device;
  • in the new menu, open the option Authorization and Revocation;
  • deactivate the entry msa (click Cancel when you will be asked) and that!

All the steps are shown in the images above, while msa means MIUI System Ads and it's just to allow Xiaomi users to disable advertisements in system apps! Nothing could be simpler!

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