After having been able to try it for weeks in its classic variant, today we talk about OPPO Find X Lamborghini Edition, the luxury variant of the top of the range so coveted in this 2018. At the "modica" figure of €1699 the smartphone offers a richer and complete endowment, as well as a very respectable technical card, including well 512 GB of storage and the miraculous quick charge Super VOOC. We'll talk about it in more detail in our review.

OPPO Find X Lamborghini Edition Review


The package is more accurate and broad compared to the standard version, with the "Lamborghini" logo on it. Inside we find the following equipment:

  • OPPO Find X Lamborghini Edition;
  • Super VOOC charger from 50W;
  • braided woven USB / USB Type-C cable;
  • OPPO O-Free wireless headphones;
  • Lamborghini silicone cover;
  • USB Type-C / mini-jack adapter;
  • cleaning cloth;
  • SIM slot card;
  • English manuals.

Design and construction quality

OPPO Find X is one of those smartphones that you notice constructive goodness as soon as you hold it. It is undoubtedly a "special" object from an aesthetic and engineering point of view, just as it was the first Xiaomi Mi MIX. The metal body is enclosed in a body with a continuous structure, entirely in glass 3D with protection Gorilla Glass 5.

oppo find x lamborghini edition review

This unibody effect is further accentuated by the Stealth camera retractable, as well as the absence of the fingerprint reader. The impression to the touch is that of a pebble equally polished on both sides. More than appreciable, then, are those details such as the recess of the upper and lower frame. The back has a look total black with some (too much) light style finishes carbon fiber. At this finish, however, I continue to prefer the Bordeaux Red color, as well as the Ice Blue color.

The dimensions are of 156.7 x 74.2 x 9.6 mm for a weight of 186 g, a not too exaggerated size, above all due to the width of the screen. There is however a hand 1 mode, which can be activated via the quick toggles. Eye, however, to the soap effect (and the consequent infarction) once resting on a slightly inclined flat surface.

oppo find x lamborghini edition review

Unblocking the device

Well yes, this OPPO Find X is the first high-end smartphone to give up the ID sensor in favor of the most futuristic facial recognition. But this is not a simple two-dimensional scan, as it happens now on almost all smartphones, but one 3D face scan. This is thanks to the dedicated hardware sector with 3D structural light technology, with well 15.000 scanning points and an error rate of one in a million.

All this translates into a almost perfect functioning: the release is always at sign, even in total darkness (and with the brightness of the display at minimum). And rather quickly, since the retractable mechanism is always reactive and quick to act. You can choose whether to operate it by swiping up when the screen is on or by pressing the Power button.

It should be noted that there is a gravity sensor (in every sense) that, if the smartphone is falling, operates the self-retraction mechanism to protect the form. However, there is a rather annoying aspect to point out, namely the impossibility of exploiting this facial unlock to have access to apps usually protected by footprint, such as Paypal or banking software.

review oppo find x


Frontally the protagonist is the beautiful display Panoramic Arc Screen, a real treat for the eyes. Specifically, it is a 6.4 inches Full HD + (2340 x 1080 pixels), report in 19.5:9 and density of 401 PPI. Thanks to the excellent work done by OPPO, the screen-to-body ratio of the 93.8% is at the top of the industry and even the lower frame is almost reduced to a minimum, practically equal to that of the iPhone X.

oppo find x lamborghini edition review

Thanks to technology OLED, with 97% NTSC coverage and DCI-P3 support, the image quality is excellent, with a good calibration of the panel. Through the settings it is possible to adjust the white temperature, in addition to activating the Night mode. The maximum brightness is around the 450 nits, a value that is not a record but is still visible even outdoors, thanks to the high contrast.

The feeling in hand is very pleasant, since we have a screen with curvature Dual Edge. The side curves are not only aesthetic, as they integrate gestures to enable split screen or switch between running apps. There is no notification LED: in its place there is an animation of light that runs along the curved edges for a few seconds. There is also theAlways-on Display, with time and date but no integrated notifications.

oppo find x lamborghini edition review

Hardware and Performance

The hardware configuration of the OPPO Find X Lamborghini Edition is at the top of the industry. The performances are guaranteed by the Snapdragon 845 Qualcomm, SoC to 10 nm which includes a CPU octa-core that I push up to 2.8 GHz. This is flanked by 8 GB of RAM LPDDR4X-1866 dual channel and well 512 GB internal storage UFS 2.1 non-expandable (467 GB available).

Needless to say, with this budget, everyday use is not a problem at all. Moving between the various menus is a breeze and there are no slowing down, also considering how difficult it is to saturate a quantity of such memory. Without considering, then, the GPU Adreno 630, a graphics card capable of running titles such as PUBG and Asphalt 8 to high details while maintaining a high frame rate. There is also it Game Space, a small dedicated suite that groups the installed games and allows you to optimize performance and block notifications.

Even if we do not have particular cooling systems, the temperature they always remain average, without ever particularly heating. In cases of high stress, with benchmarks and prolonged play sessions, the peaks reach 75 / 77 ° C but the glass offers good dispersion.


Photo / video quality

The retractable mechanism conceals the entire photographic sector, posteriorly represented by a pair of sensors from 16 + 20 mega-pixel with opening f/ 2.0-2.0. The main sensor is a Sony IMX519 with 1.22 µm pixels and stabilization OIS, while the secondary is a Sony IMX376K with 1.0 µm pixels. The latter is used only to acquire depth and make shots with bokeh effect (well made). It should also serve at night, but all the shots I made in the evening or at night are still 16 mega-pixels.

oppo find x lamborghini edition software

Speaking of software, they are enabled Camera2 API, so it is possible to install the GCam. After several attempts I found a working APK, but the results are worse than the stock. The default interface does not make me crazy: it is not badly done, but there are some rough translations ("Slow Motion" instead of "Slow-motion") and the modalities could be more grouped.

However, there are color filters, the Beauty filter, the toggle for Google Lens and the 2X digital zoom. There is also the recognition of the scene (disabled) but I have not found much impact on the shots. The manual mode allows you to act on the following parameters: white balance, exposure value and time, ISO and focus.


That said, the shots made in the diurnal situation are most often satisfying, with a well balanced level of detail, not exaggerated via software. Even with lights to the disadvantage, the system enhances the colors, with shades the right saturation and without strange color trends. And even if we do not have a telephoto lens, the zoom is not bad, preserving the details sufficiently. However, one can not fail to notice a tendency to overexposure, especially when shooting in HDR (there is also Auto HDR).

Turning to the nocturnal phase, the focal aperture f/ 2.0 does not allow much light to enter. Thanks to the stabilization you get shots more than decent, but in terms of brightness you could certainly do more. Probably the software does not help, as for the selfie camera. As much as you have available well 25 mega-pixels ffinal match., the shots have details in the average, yes good but not at the top, especially at night where it is not difficult to get micro-wavy or overexposed. On the other hand, the effect is higher HDR for selfie, always ace in the handle in the OPPO house.

It is worth noting that, thanks to the sector dedicated to facial unblocking, it is possible to make a 3D model Face and apply some changes to cheekbones, nose etc. Once the whole thing is saved, we'll have a custom Beauty preset to apply to your own selfies. Furthermore, in mode Selfie Portrait There are various types of lighting to choose from and with Omoji 3D it is possible to recreate an avatar using one's own movements, even if the results are not very precise.

As for video, recordable also in H.265, in 4K there is not much stabilization while in Full HD intervenes the optical and electronic stabilization, slightly to the detriment of the details, which are lost a bit 'in the movements. But however, colors and lights are managed fairly well and even the clips with the front camera are very good.

Connectivity and audio

Very good connectivity compartment, with trolley dual SIM LTE and support for the 20 band. Even in the areas less covered by the signal I almost always hooked the 4G without signal problems or data rates. Same for the Wi-Fi ac Dual Band, with good connection values. We have then Bluetooth 5.0, used to keep the 3 Mi Band and O-Free headphones in sync, and GPS navigation is precise and responsive.

We have neither the stereo speaker nor the mini-jack input, but the audio coming out of the lower mono speaker and from the USB Type-C port is still very good. There is also a equalizer to change the sound according to your taste.


Speaking of audio, the Lamborghini variant offers bundled true wireless headphones OPPO O-Free. Excellent connectivity: just open the charging / transport shell to start the automatic pairing with OPPO Find X and see the curtain appear with the battery levels of the dock and individual headphones. There is a proximity sensor, which automatically puts music playback in Play / Pause.

oppo find x lamborghini edition review

There are also some gestures by virtual key. With a double tap on the headphones you go to the next / previous track or answer / attack a phone call. By pressing and holding, however, Google Assistant is activated.

I'm not a lover of the headphones not in-ear: I find them easier to lose, especially when they are without any cables, and with less good wearability, although it is a more subjective parameter. But the audio quality is good, also enjoying a double vent for the sound escape, as well as the microphone. However, calls can only be heard from the right headset. The integrated battery allows approximately 3 / 4 hours duration, while the dock allows 4 full refills.

oppo find x lamborghini edition review


As often happens with this type of devices, software is a rather polarizing aspect. The interface ColorOS 5.1 based on Android 8.1 Oreo, with patches of August, offers an aesthetic that may not please everyone and does not have the drawer. However, unlike the Asian ROM, here it is possible to install alternative launchers. In my case I used Nova Launcher Prime without problems, except for two random crashes in the past few days. Another thing that is appreciated is certification Widevine L1, so you can stream video on Netflix and the like even in HD / Full HD. And the notifications arrive without major worries, except when you go in energy saving mode.

A utility of ColorOS is the Full Screen Multitasking, a function that adds a sidebar when using a full-screen app horizontally, for example with games or YouTube. Here we see 5 icons related to SMS, WhatsApp and Messenger (to open them in a floating window) and screenshots and block notifications as shortcuts.

Compared to Chinese ROM, however, there are some failings, or the absence of the store dei Theme (there are only 2) and delle full screen gestures, replaced by hidden screen keys. However, there are other gestures, including the raise up to wake, the screenshot to 3 fingers and to handle calls. Instead, theIntelligent Assistant, a screen to the left of the home from which to consult weather, favorite contacts, pedometer and fast functions. With the Clone App it is possible to have two instances of Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, Telegram and WhatsApp.


Even if the software does not indicate the hours of the screen (and the third-party apps have not proved reliable), OPPO Find X offers a discrete autonomy. With an average use, made of 4G and Wi-Fi, social and 3 mail in push, audio / video streaming and a little 'gaming are obtained about 5 / 6 hours of display on a basis of approx 12 / 13 hours of use.

But the portentous aspect is found in the recharge Super VOOC. Thanks to the generous EU charger from ben 10V 5A, For a total of 50 peak, you can recharge the battery from 3400 mAh from 0% to 100% in only 35 minutes. A result currently undefeated in the smartphone sector.

OPPO Find X Lamborghini Edition Review - Conclusions and price

OPPO Find X Lamborghini Edition reconfirms mine positive impressions matured in recent weeks with OPPO Find X standard. Of course, the price of €1699 it is objectively high, but on the other hand we are talking about a particular variant, a bit like the top variant of the Galaxy Note 9 or a Huawei Mate Porsche Design.

We also pay the brand and in this case we are talking about a telephone particular and unique in its aesthetics and its functionality, not to mention that we have here 512 GB of memory, one ultra-fast charging, a package that also includes good ones wireless headphones and, what should not be underestimated, the purchase is accompanied free of charge by OPPO Care, an additional guarantee that brings coverage from 2 to 3 years and more includes free replacement of the display and back glass.

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