POCO F1: unlock bootloader, TWRP installation and root permissions with Magisk | Guide

Xiaomi poco f1

In a sector where modding is increasingly mistreated by companies, a product like the POCO F1 represents in all respects a white fly in its category. The team has indeed confirmed the full support for modding, giving users a way to indulge themselves with customizations. Here, then, that in this guide we will explain how to do it unlocking the bootloaderinstall the TWRP and get the root permissions with the POCO F1, Code-named "Beyllium".

IMPORTANTthe procedure described presents complex operations which, if performed incorrectly, could damage your device. It is recommended to run only by users who have gained good experience in modding. The staff of GizChina.it will not be held responsible for any damage to the device. This procedure involves formatting the phone and the consequent loss of all data: it is recommended to make a backup.

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WARNING: following the latest directives from Xiaomi, DO NOT INSTALL MY PREVIOUS TO THE ALREADY INSTALLED. This is due to the Anti-Rollback mechanism initiated by the company's software team. Even if it does not affect all the models currently on the market, with the passage of time these will increase. therefore We strongly urge you to check the list of smartphones with Anti-Rollback before proceeding to flash other ROMs.

How to install the TWRP and get the root up POCO F1 by Xiaomi | Guide

Unblocking the bootloader

As usual, before starting, we remind you that to perform this type of procedure it will be necessary first unlocking the bootloader, explained in detail in our guide. The other prerequisites include a Windows PC with ADB and Fastboot (restart if you have just installed them) and a USB cable to connect the smartphone to the PC, which must have the battery at least at 75%, to avoid possible problems.

Guide to unlocking Xiaomi bootloader

TWRP installation

First you have to download the TWRP custom recovery, downloadable from this link. Once downloaded, move the file to the ADB folder (as a rule "C: \ adb").

  1. Turn off the smartphone;
  2. Press together Power + Volume Down button to enter the Fastboot mode;
  3. Connect the smartphone to the PC;
  4. In the "adb" folder, hold down the Shift key, click with the right mouse button and select "Open PowerShell window here"Or "Open a command window here" (depending on which version of Windows you have);
  5. Check that the smartphone is detected with the command "fastboot devices", Following which an alphanumeric string should appear with the inscription"fastboot";
  6. Write "fastboot flash recovery -namefile-. Img"To start the TWRP installation;
  7. After the installation, write "fastboot boot -filename-.img”To restart the phone in TWRP mode;
  8. Once in TWRP, enter "Wipe"And make wipe dalvik and wipe cache.
PS: instead of -filename- you should write the name of the TWRP file to install. This is because renewed versions of the TWRP could be released, with a different name from the previous one.

LazyFlasher and Magisk installation

Once the custom recovery is installed, it is time to get root permissions, in this case via Magisk. But first we will have to install LazyFlasher to avoid possible blocks at startup.

  1. download Magisk e LazyFlasher and copy them into the phone's memory;
  2. Turn off the smartphone;
  3. Press together Power + Volume Down button to enter the TWRP recovery screen;
  4. Select "install", Look for the Magisk file in memory and install it;
  5. Restart the phone always in recovery mode;
  6. Select "install", Look for the LazyFlasher file in the memory and install it;
  7. Restart the phone again, download Magisk Manager and run it to verify that the root has been successful.

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